Laura Marie

I am overjoyed by the WP Dating software, which I embrace as a golden nugget for my online dating business I am coming from a place of experience with online dating software to know that WP Dating for Word Press is an ace product that prevails above all other dating software. It operates fluently and sports sophisticated features with ease. The icing on the cake is vested in the phenomenal customer support, which I do not believe exists in the industry with any other dating software. Michael Allen has not only created a superior product to run with but has stood by it as a praiseworthy cushion of support. It is essential to have a reliable point of contact in any business and Michael has served as someone who is always there. He is a hands on guy who has gone the extra mile in working with my web developer and making sure himself that an update to the software was installed correctly and all the right ducks were in place. Though I must say, that although there really wasn’t much to ask Michael about the software as it spoke for itself, just the knowledge that customer support is standing steadily at the gates of the software, is nothing less than a euphoria of security. WP Dating, along with the customer support attached to it, is a mighty blessing for anyone who is venturing into the online dating business!


These guys provide stellar customer service! Way to go Dating Solutions.


Hi everyone. I am writing this to say tanks to Dating Solution team. I am a newbie and I manage to install WordPress and the plugin due to their support. I ask them a lot of questions, many of them were pretty ridicolos, but I don’t know php and I had some problem to set all up. They answered all my questions, without arrogance, witch is the best features that the plugin offer: the assistance for installation. Sorry for my English, I am writing from Italy and may not be perfect.


I just want to say, THANK YOU!! You made one helluva dating plug in. I’ve had no problems getting set up and your video walkthroughs were extremely helpful. I’m recommending you to all my web designer friends


Just wanted to say thank you to the kind staff at Dating Software that has helped me with getting an update..Thank you for being patient, ever courteous and making me feel like a valued customer, how rare it is these days to find that in a company! You guys rock!!!


You guys rock. What else can I say. Christian helped us with the setup and Steve went above and beyond the call of duty by configuring our server with a new php.ini file. Glad I found you guys!


You’ve done great work with version 4.8. I couldn’t be happier! The support is great and fast. Couldn’t ask for anything better. Maybe just more traffic. 🙂


I was such a noob before starting this project. Thank you to Michael for holding my hand the whole way. Things are going great.


I tried many other dating software products before deciding to go with WordPress. I don’t know why I wasted so much time. This dating plugin is half the cost of the others and has more stuff in it. What is best is that the support is better than all other dating software companies combined! Thank you so much.


Love it. Can’t say enough about it. I had the wrong hosting in the beginning and after switching to a more reputable company, it all worked out like a charm. Thanks again.

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