WPDating Plugin version 6.0 Released

By June 14, 2017Dating Software

We are delighted to announce the release of WPDating Plugin latest version 6.0. In this latest version, we have upgraded to new user-friendly Image Upload Feature. This feature lets you upload an image easily without any hassle.
We highly recommend you to upgrade your WPDating plugin to the latest version for better performance of your dating site. With a constant touch and feedback from our valued customer, we made the following changes to the plugin:

  • Near Me JS library updated
  • Blocked members redirecting to members page
  • News feed date and time are saved in database


If you are new to our WPDating Plugin, we provide you the complete functionality of a professional dating site. Likewise, we provide dedicated developed themes for our plugin, add-ons to increase the usability and appeal of your dating site.

We believe that there is always room to improve. So, we are improving our plugin day by day. As a result, we present you a great dating plugin.


  • richatwpdating says:

    Thanks for the update Mr Kiran. I was hoping for a stripe recurring payments intergration. Hopefully next release.

  • Raghab - DatingSolutions Support says:

    Thank you for the comment, We will make sure that we will integrate the stripe recurring payments in our upcoming version

  • Veritas says:

    If I update my existing WPDating plugin to this new version, is it going to change my existing website? And is this upgrade FREE?

  • Raghab - DatingSolutions Support says:

    Thank you for your comment,
    If you have not customized the code of our plugin then upgrading the plugin will not change anything on your site.
    Yes you can upgrade the plugin for free,

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