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WordPress 3.8 Released

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Today WordPress released version 3.8 of their core CMS software. It’s a great release with many new features. So, first things first. We have tested this release with the WordPress Dating Plugin version 4.7.3 and it works great. We’ve gone through it from start to finish and there are no issues that we’re finding so for those customers looking to update their WordPress core site, go right ahead but as a precaution, do a backup first. This should be what you do each time you update.

Some of the new features of this version of WordPress are:

Modern aesthetic

The new WordPress dashboard has a fresh, uncluttered design that embraces clarity and simplicity.

Clean typography

The Open Sans typeface provides simple, friendly text that is optimized for both desktop and mobile viewing. It’s even open source, just like WordPress.

Refined contrast

Admin Colors

WordPress just got a colorful new update. They’ve included eight new admin color schemes so you can pick the one that suits you best.

So this and a lot more has gone into the new version of WordPress and the WordPress Dating Plugin works perfectly with it.

When to Charge

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When to ChargeWhen do you start charging membership fees? We get this question a lot. We’ll give a bit of an explanation here.

So you just started a dating site and hopefully you have the WordPress Dating Plugin. And now you’re wondering how you’re going to make any money. You also question how it should all work. The bottom line is that you need profiles. You have to have a profile base of members before you start charging. That’s only the case if you plan on charging for memberships. If you’re going to be running a 100% free dating site then this doesn’t apply to you.

So how many profiles do you need before you start charging? Well, the answer in a minute but first, you need to know the reason for waiting to charge.

When you first start a dating site, you don’t have any members but yet you want to make money. So, think about it like this. If you’re standing in front of a store and you see that there’s nothing in the display case, what do you do? You move on. You realize that the store doesn’t offer much so you pass. Works the same way as dating. In the niche market dating world you have to have content and your content are your members. Without members you are dead in the water. You won’t make any money. Would you join a dating site and pay a monthly membership fee if there were no members? That’s right, you wouldn’t. So, you need a member base.

How many members do I need? If you’re a local dating site then you need a few thousand to start with. For example, if you’re in the city of Denver and you’re looking to start a singles site for Denver locals then you need to have a good mix of girls and guys in the Denver area. A good rule to use is the 2 to 1 ratio rule. You want to have 3 girls for every 2 guys. So, if you have 900 girls then you need 800 guys. You always want a higher ratio of girls because more guys will join your site than girls. Just the metrics of it.

So how do you get these profiles? There are quite a few ways to get profiles on your site. The first option is to create a few fake ones. There’s nothing wrong with creating fake profiles as long as you put what you need on and don’t put any more. The idea of fake profiles is to show that your site has content but you have to keep marketing your site to get real ones on. Put about 1000 profiles on but don’t do any more than that. When you get a decent real profile base going then you can remove the fake profiles. There will be people that have a problem with fake profiles but the reality is this is niche market dating and if you don’t have the traffic to your site or the existing member base then you need to put some profiles on your site. If you have millions of dollars for advertising then disregard this. I doubt you do though.

Want to know what to charge? Read our blog about Monthly Memberships versus Lifetime Memberships.

The next blog I write will be about how to market your site using online and offline methods so be sure to follow us on Twitter.

Monthly versus Lifetime Membership

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Monthly Membership ver Lifetime MembershipIn order to successfully make money with a dating site you need to charge membership fees. That’s if you’re going the paid membership route. There are a few things you need to know going forward.

The first thing is the member lifespan. On average, a dating site member will be on a dating site for about 3 months. So, during those 3 months you want to make as much money from that member as possible. It might sound a little harsh but the reality is that you’re starting a dating site to make money. After 3 months most members move on to other sites or just give up or they find someone. How much you make off that user is based on your membership fees.

The first membership that most people are used to is the Monthly Membership. This is a set price that a user will pay each month. On average, most dating sites charge between $19 and $30 dollars a month for members to access things like email, chat, messenger and so on. After 3 months, the average user is gone. So if you charge $25 dollars a month, you’ve made about $75 dollars. This is where the Lifetime Membership comes in.

By creating a Lifetime Membership, you can charge more, get more and give your customers a little more bang for their buck. So, if you charge $149 dollars for a Lifetime Membership, you’ve made more money off the member and you give your members the warm fuzzies. A good tactic is to define your Lifetime Membership as such. “We all know sometimes things don’t work out. When it doesn’t, we’ll be here for you.” By having that type of verbiage with your Lifetime Membership you let your customers know that you got their back.

Now of course you don’t have to create Lifetime Memberships. You can create what you like and the WordPress Dating Plugin gives you these options. Options to create any type of membership you want.

WordPress Dating Plugin ver 4.7.3

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WP Dating is pleased to announce the release of version 4.7.3 of the WordPress Dating Plugin. We have made a few modifications as well as a few fixes to the dating plugin. We have decreased the overall size of the dating plugin as well as made the WordPress Dating Plugin faster. Some of the changes involve removing our own javascript and using the default WordPress Core Java. This is a change that WordPress recommends for all plugins. Doing this reduced the size of the plugin by 1.5MB and also increased the load time when using the plugin.

Existing customers can get this new version from Updates page here at WP

Updated How To Videos

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In response to our customers requests, we have updated most of the How To Videos for the WordPress Dating Plugin. When you login to the Members Area here at WP, you’ll find 3 new How To Videos that include Quick Setup, User Area Review and Admin Area Review. These new videos replace the older videos we had prior to version 4.7.2 of the dating plugin. They also include setup instructions for the new optional home page template.

As for the other videos like WordPress Security and Profile Generator, those original videos are still there. Since those features have not changed there was no need to update them.

We have also updated the install guide for version 4.7.2. You’ll find the new install guide in the Support Forums as well as a quick link from the Members Area.

WordPress Dating Plugin 4.7.2

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We have just released version 4.7.2 of the WordPress Dating Plugin. We’ve made a couple changes to enhance the speed of the dating plugin as well as added a brand new front page template design.

A new Dating Theme Template shortcode has now been added to the WordPress Dating Plugin. Now you can simply add a shortcode to any page you want and that shortcode will display the new design on that page like you see in the WordPress Dating Demo. This new dating template was designed for the Dzonia theme. The Dzonia theme is a premium theme that is included in the WordPress Dating Plugin. It’s also the theme that you see on the demo.

New Dating Template

If you want to use this shortcode for the Dzonia theme, just create a page called Home and copy the shortcode to the page. You don’t need to call it “Home”, you can call it anything you want. We use Home because it makes more sense since it’s the main page of your site. You’ll need to tell WordPress that you want that as your main page so go to WP Admin, Settings, Reading and change your Front Page Display to your static page “Home” and your blogs to “Blogs” or whatever page you called your blogs. Then go into WP Admin, Appearance, Theme Options and turn Front Page “Off”. That will put your new page at the front of your site like you see in the demo. That’s it.

The new dating template will work on any theme provided you can make the page a full-width page. Most themes allow you to do this so it should work without any issues.

We have also made changes in how the chat and online widgets work. The refreshes that show new text on the chat pages will now only refresh in the actual widget. We found that having the refresh specifically in the widget cut down on the processor utilization. This in turn will speed up your WordPress Dating site.

Other changes include modifications to the notification system. This is the notification system that alerts you when Friends/Favorites have logged in as well as the One on One Chat notification. Now you can set the Refresh Rate yourself via the new setting in DSP Admin, Settings, Refresh Rate.

These changes along with the new home page template design are now part of version 4.7.2 of the WordPress Dating Plugin. Existing customers can get the update from the Updates page here at WP

Dating App versus Dating Browser

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We’ve had a few questions lately about the difference between the Mobile Dating Browser and the up and coming Mobile Dating App. Below we’ll explain the difference.

The Mobile Dating Browser is a stripped down version of the dating plugin. It has the bare minimum of features. When turned on via the admin area, your mobile visitors are redirected to the mobile dating browser and will see this. By default is off so you will need to go to DSP Admin, Settings and turn it on. The mobile dating browser works on all iPhone and Android mobile phones. The mobile dating browser is already included in the WordPress Dating Plugin.

Mobile Dating Browser

The Mobile Dating App is a completely separate product. The mobile dating app is a application that we are developing that will allow your users to download the app from the iTunes Store or Android Play Market. Once downloaded they simply launch the app on their phone and connect to your dating site. The mobile dating app is a full featured mobile dating application. We have put all the features of the WordPress Dating Plugin into the mobile dating app. With the mobile dating app, users will be able to do everything that desktop users do and that includes searching, chatting, emailing and more. The mobile dating app is not included in the WordPress Dating Plugin. It will be a separate product.

Mobile Dating App


Be sure to pre-order the Mobile Dating App today and take advantage of the special pricing offer.

WordPress 3.7 Update

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Today WordPress released version 3.7.  We have tested the WordPress Dating Plugin with this new version of WordPress and the dating plugin works great. We have found no issues with this new release so for existing dating plugin customers, you can update your WordPress.

This new release of WordPress features some of the most important architectural updates including Auto Updates which allow sites to be able to automatically apply updates in the background without you doing it. This release also includes better security including better password recommendations.

Spanish Zip Codes Added

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We’ve now added Spanish Zip Codes into the WordPress Dating Plugin. You now have US Zip Codes, UK Zip Codes, Australian Zip Codes, Canadian Zip Codes, Danish Zip Codes, Dutch Zip Codes, French Zip Codes, German Zip Codes and the newly added Spanish Zip Codes.

If you want to see a zip code base installed from another country, simply let us know.

Version 4.7.1 Update

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WordPress Dating Plugin Update 4.7.1We have released version 4.7.1 of the WordPress Dating Plugin. This release is a maintenance update that includes fixes to the way the database is queried. This dramatically decreases the load on the processor. We had reports that under certain php and mysql settings that some of the dating plugin processes were putting high loads on the processor. We have fixed this and at the same time, we have increased the speed at which the dating plugin performs.

We have also fixed a issue with the way the iDEAL Payment Gateway was working. We had reports that it wasn’t upgrading users accounts once they paid. This has also been resolved.

Other fixes include the way the Free Trial was working. In some hosting setups we found that if you had Free Mode Off and Free Trial On, then when a user registered they could not access the Search feature. This has now been resolved.

These fixes along with the way the dating plugin accesses the database are now in version 4.7.1. Existing customers can get this new version by logging into the site and go to the Updates page and have the new version sent to you.

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