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How to generate Site Key and Secret key of reCAPTCHA for your domain

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Here are the steps to generate Site Key and Secret key of reCAPTCHA for your domain

  • Visit the reCaptcha page of google and Click on the GetReCaptcha button
  • If you are logged-in into google account it will not ask for login details otherwise get logged-in.
  • It will take you to the following page .
  • Delete the old keys if you have of your DOMAIN, otherwise you might an error ERROR: Global site keys are not supported
  • Enter your domain name and all the details it require.
  • It will generate new Site key and Secret Key.

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Setting up Facebook Login for WordPress Dating plugin

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If you’re using DSP Dating plugin version 4.8.4 or above, You should be able to use Facebook Login feature now. 

To begin using Facebook Connect you must obtain API Key and Application Secret from Facebook. To do so you should first sign in to Facebook at

  • After signing in you need to go to and click “Add a new App” menu from My Apps menu. On this popup select website from the list of iOS, Android, Canvas, and Website.


  • Add the details of your site and their requirements to the Pop-up screen and save it.
  • Then add products from the “Products Menu” from the left side of the dashboard. We select “Facebook Login” as our product and select “Web(www)” for the type.



  • Now, Insert your site’s URL under “Site URL” section as shown in the image below. Please, make sure that the URL is SSL certified. Then Save it.


⦁ Similarly, under the Facebook login section, add the given piece of code under the ‘Valid OAuth Redirect URLs‘ as shown in the image below:




  • We get the API KEY and APP Secret from Settings>Basic and click on Show to get your Secret key as shown in the image below



Finally,  after getting your API and Secret key, Copy the keys to DSP Admin>Settings>General as shown in the image below. After saving this key, you can use your facebook login feature on your site.

If there is any confusion or get stuck while following the steps as above, then please feel free to contact us at

WordPress Dating Plugin 4.8.1

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WordPress Dating Plugin 4.8.1We have just released version 4.8.1 of the WordPress Dating Plugin. This is a update to 4.8 and contains a few fixes and tweeks.

Some of the items we resolved was a issue with duplicate profiles being created under shared hosting. This is due to the speed at which the shared hosting servers were running. Because shared servers can be a lot slower they were creating latency issues causing the dating plugin to duplicate a profile if it the first one wasn’t written to the database in time. This has been corrected. Read More

May News

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This week we’re about to release version 4.8 of the WordPress Dating Plugin. This is going to be a major release. We have added just about every feature you can think of plus a new look and feel. The WordPress Dating Plugin is better than ever. We will release version 4.8 on Saturday morning May 17th. Read More

Version 4.8 Preview

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WP Dating has been hard at work on the next major release of the WordPress Dating Plugin. We wanted to give you a sneak peek at what’s coming. New look and tons of new features. We’ve listened to you all and we can say that we have put just about all of your feature requests into this new release of the dating plugin. Read More

Dating Plugin Revenue

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Potential Revenue ScaleIf you’re interested in knowing about how much money you could potentially make with the WordPress Dating Plugin then be sure to check out the Potential Revenue Scale that we compiled from selected WordPress Dating Plugin customers 2013 data. This will give you a general idea of how much money you could make.

The scale is broken down into 4 sections. Revenue Scale, Average Membership Breakdown, Gender Membership Breakdown and  Niche Market Income Study. Part of the scale shows the average monthly income from customers that reported their income in the first 6 months of 2013. We surveyed 3 participating sites within each of the below 6 niche markets. Each month shows the average income that the market brought in. These were established WordPress Dating Plugin customer sites. These numbers do not show how much you will make but show a potential of what you could possibly make.

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Updated Android Dating App

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Android Mobile Dating App UpdateWe have updated the Android Mobile Dating app today so if you’ve downloaded it prior than today then your Android OS should automatically update the app for you. If not simply delete it and install the latest. It usually takes Google about 3 hours to fully propagate the app throughout the Google Play Store once we submitted it.
You’ll also need to update the WordPress Dating Plugin version 4.7.5 from the Updates page. Simply deactivate the dating plugin, delete it and install version 4.7.5 again. If you have made some file changes then contact us and we’ll send you the changed files.

The changes that went into this version of the Android Mobile Dating App include brand new icons for the home page. We also added a new icon to the top right of the app called “Alerts”. This shows all the alerts that you would get in the desktop version. Things like Winks received, Friend Requests, Virtual Gifts and Comments are now in the Alerts section of the mobile dating app.

You’ll also notice that the desktop notifications that popup showing you that someone has emailed you or that a friend has logged in, are now in the Mobile Dating App. Really, we’ve put the whole desktop in the app!

Custom WordPress Dating Site

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Custom WordPress Dating SiteThis is the beauty of using WordPress as a dating site. Not only do you get the SEO benefits of having a WordPress dating site but you also get tons of different combinations of looks and feels.

WordPress, by default, puts the blogs on the main page. For a WordPress Dating Site, you probably don’t want that unless you’re a dating blog site first and a dating site second. Read More

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