Best Dating Software for Dating site

Dating software is a white label solution with many interesting features and functions to build a perfect online dating website. A versatile software allows you to create a beautiful site. It is a ready-made template thus all you need to do is install this open software on WordPress based site and Kaboooom,  it’s ready before your dinner.

Attributes of Best Dating Software

  • Suitable for beginners as well as professionals
  • Best Value for money product
  • Affordable for everyone
  • Customization as per your needs and requirement
  • Get your dating business running no time
  • User-friendly for both end-users and administrators
  • Easy access to the global population with multiple language support

Why consider dating software while lots of other option are available in the market?

Dating software is the complete package for a full-fledged dating site. You don’t have to worry about anything at all. These are made extremely search engine friendly with different multi-language support and User/Admin-centric features. All the design and features are made specifically to enhance the experience of the user so they meet their end goal of matching individuals.

Whether its Match, PlentyofFish, eHarmony, Zoosk, etc each and every one started small and with the constant effort they are one of the leading giants in the industry. So, don’t stop. Keep on pushing yourself. This is the easiest and reliable way to create and operate a website. New and growing method compared to the old and traditional way. Much efficient and effective way to start your business.

WPDating offers three different packages, each of which is suitable for a certain group of people. Let’s briefly take a look at each of them and you can decide which one to go with.

Be a Creator (DIY)

Dating software is a versatile software ideal for users who like to take matters into their own hands. If you would like to be the creator of your dating site, you can just buy our dating software and open a world of possibilities. If you are a tech-savvy person who has the know-how of how a dating website works, you can easily set up the site yourself.

We also provide comprehensive documentation and video tutorial to assist you with any queries or confusions.

Say you want to do everything except the installation then WP Dating will provide you with an installation package for just this purpose. We will set up your site and you can make the changes according to your choice.

Themes as per your niche specific

You can easily get a WordPress based theme in the market. It is the visible part so it must look attractive, responsive, and informative.  After installing the plugin you need to install the theme. Please make sure that the theme is compatible with the available plugin.

Some of the themes don’t work with other software. For e.g. WPDating theme works with WPDating plugin only. Since it is made for the specific plugin it is more optimized and operates smoothly.

Another important feature is you can customize the theme as per your site niche. With changes in banner and content, you can make it compatible with the different niche. Suppose you bought the Lavish-Date theme and now you want to change it to the matrimonial theme. You can change the banners and content and it is ready! Simple, right?

Here are some of the features you’ll get from a DIY package:

  • Basic search and Advanced search – It will give the users a convenient way to make the customized search of the user/profiles.
  • Near Me – This will show the users that are near them geographically also uses the users IP address to differentiate from a similarly named profile.
  • Meet Me –  User can easily select the randomly chosen profiles if they wish to meet them but that chosen person also needs to accept it first.
  • Date Tracker – Keep track of the partner you’ve gone on date with.
  • Profile commenting and blocking – as the name suggest this gives the user more power and authority to control what he/she wants. However, every comment goes public only after user approval.
  • Skype chat integration – For better video chat experience users can integrate skype to their account.
  • Who viewed me/ I viewed – Get a hint who viewed your profile and whom you viewed. It helps to track or keep the record of the favorite user.
  • Send Wink/Gift – Send winks and different gits to let a known user that you are interested or appreciate them 
  • User privacy – Have control of your data without any compromise 
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Customized Package with Your Favorite Features

Another fascinating offering by WPDating is the Custom Package. This package is for those people who want to create a unique dating site with packed with their desired functions and features. You can hand-pick features from the numerous options that we offer.

Every aspect of your dating website will be built as per your choices. You will receive 80 hours/160 hours of custom development where our developers will work to deliver your requirements. You can customize the theme, add payment gateways and integrate desired ideas.

The result is a perfect dating website tailored to your needs from scratch-to-delivery!

Here’s how a custom package can help you create a professional dating website:

  • Add your preferable features & functions to your dating software.
  • You will be receiving 160/80 hours of pure custom development from our experienced developers depending on your package.
  • You can use these hours to add the Unique Features, Payment gateway & Personalizations to implement the dating site so it matches up to your expectations.
  • You can even customize the theme, event management integration to your site and many more – basically anything that you think might improve your site.

*Note:  Every task, feature, and function that you desire should be able to be added under your allocated hours.

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Complete Mobile Dating App Solution

In today’s mobile-centric world, having a Web Platform without the support of a mobile platform is suicidal. You must have a mobile app for iOS and Android.

Let’s assume you do not want to operate both web-based and mobile-based platform then WPDating’s mobile app is the perfect solution for a standalone mobile platform.

If you provide services which they can access on the move, then you should have an app. In case of the dating industry, it’s a mandatory both in Android and iOS.

With WPDating’s mobile app, you get a mobile dating app which gives you lots of options. We suggest you include this for your long-term growth.

With the help of our amazing class-leading features, you will be able to deliver the perfect mobile dating app to your customers that can stand up to the standards of the industry’s leading mobile dating apps.

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Explore the opportunities with various facilities provided by WPDating. Get access to enormous knowledge, assistance, and optimization tricks from our experienced and talented support team who have harnessed their vast wisdom from constantly keeping interaction with thousands of existing customers.

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Benefits of using Dating Software 

  • Niche Specific
  • Appealing Interface
  • Industry-leading Features
  • Functionality and Aesthetics above Standard

The software which is programmed with better concern for the end user can be effortlessly used to address the different niche. Whatever is your plan for today or future dating software can be made compatible as per your various needs. As a result, it is regarded as one of the popular options among users not just by me but by an entire industry. User-friendlier and Attractive interface is the primary features you get with it.

Dating software is way more superior than the traditional program in terms of looks and quality. It is hassle-free, before and after publishing your website. As your customers grow you can make your matchmaking site more advanced.

If you have a little bit of knowledge about the script then you do not need to hire a programmer to bring small changes. This will save you a lot of money because developers have an expensive price tag for their services.

Your success solely depends upon how effective is your code – both functionally and aesthetically.  Once you’ve made your website, you can easily grow and earn a substantial amount of money since there are lots of new trends in rising phase.


Some of the Dating Websites made using WPDating Dating Software

dating script
dating script site

Websites above are using the same dating script although it looks so different physically and functionally from each other.  You can make your website as unique as possible with an open source script. You can customize to your preference and strategy, this is the beauty of using the dating software.  For your kind information, this industry is growing progressively thus there is more room to prosper.

If your website can create a memorable experience for your user then they will automatically be a subscriber. Hence, a loyal customer means an increase in profit directly or indirectly in this line of business.  This script is much user-friendlier, therefore, you just need the imagination to bring your dream into existence.

Consider this as an advantage or the privilege of using PHP Dating Script while creating a matchmaking website. You get all the benefit with class-leading features. You can even add your own feature that suits the particular niche.  Not just being different rather becoming useful and practical is our main motive and we tend to provide it with our software.

  • WordPress based dating plugin/software
  • Attractive Theme
  • Personalized app
  • Operating and Marketing strategy

An attractive and functional site with WordPress Dating Software

WordPress is one of the biggest platforms and is suitable for both beginner and professionals. And our plugin offered for the WordPress platform is priced reasonably i.e., it starts at $149.

The question might arise, is that enough to create my entire dating website?

Yes, it is more than enough. If you want to upgrade with more additional features then you can go for our other offerings like the paid plugins, add-ons according to your preference.

Also, you get most of the plugin for free. All I want to say is that you select your dating software carefully. It is important because all the experience of your user depends on it and if they don’t like that then it’s a great loss for you.

Optimized dating software is smooth, search engine friendly, full of features, fewer bugs, and most important timely and continuous update. In this dynamic world, nothing is constant, everything changes with time.

So, in order to protect your investment and compete with your competitors, you need a timely update on new trends and features. why I am focusing on WordPress is because of its easy and simple use and availability of thousands of free plugins.  

Let’s take an example of “WPDating” Dating Site Software itself  and look through the minimum features that should be present on any dating script

matrimonial dating website made using dating software
banner of lovematch theme

Now that we’ve come to the end to this tutorial let’s take a look at which option best fits your dating business’ requirements.

WPDating offers three different packages, each of which is suitable for a certain group of people. Let’s briefly take a look at each of them and you can decide which one to go with.

The support is outstanding! WPDating team helps you in every way possible with professional solutions. The plugin is user-friendly where every setting is easy to configure.

Alin Dragoescu

WPDating helped me out with about a dozen of questions, all within 24 hours, all included in the base price. Great service all around!

Jeroen van Steijn (JJvanSteijn)

Very nice experience...
This plugin meets exactly our need, and thanks to the excellent support of the team, we start a new experience with a lot of confidence.


Be a creator (DIY)

This is the best for people with coding skills under their belt. Build everything from scratch with full control of your dating website. WPDating will provide you with the best-in-class dating script to help you create every aspect of your dating website. Even after your dating website is up and running, our support team will provide you with a dedicated support team unlike most dating software that you have to operate yourself.

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Customized Package

This package is perfect for people interested in handpicking each and every feature of their dating website with the freedom to choose from numerous ready-made features. You do not even need to write a single line of code. Customize themes, add payment gateways of your choice and integrate any ideas that you wish.

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Complete Mobile Dating App Solution

Our complete mobile dating app called LoveLock is a location-based Tinder-clone matchmaking app with flawless design and intuitive User Interface(UI). Our team will develop iOS and Android apps with class-leading features and provide you with the option to add features of your choice.

You can also simply get the barebone dating script at a super affordable rate that comes with all premium features.

Rest assured, no matter which package you choose to go with, our dedicated support team will take care of all of your queries and requirements even after you have purchased our dating solutions.

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Join today and explore the opportunities with various facilities provided by WPDating. Get access to enormous knowledge, assistance, and suggestion from our experienced and talented support team who have harnessed their vast wisdom from constantly keeping interaction with thousands of existing customers. Use the advantage of our huge network right from scratch.

If you’re still on the fence about which option to go with, please feel free to contact our support and we’ll suggest the best option that is perfect for what you have in mind.