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WPDating’s Unbeatable Black Friday Offer – Save BIG!

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One of the biggest shopping festivals in the United States is less than two weeks away and we’re already gearing up to give you the best deals on our products! 

If you’ve been following us on our social media or have subscribed to our newsletter, you probably know about our unbeatable Black Friday offer. 


Use code B30FRIDAY at checkout

You will be able to enjoy a flat 30% discount on any dating plugin or dating theme of your choice. Simply enter the code shown above at checkout.

Let’s take a look at the new price tags for our products.

Updated WPDating packages prices valid until Black Friday

Standard: $149 $104.3

Platinum: $279 $195.3

Platinum Multi-Licence: $689 $482.3

VIP + APPS : $999 $699.3

A heavy 30% discount on all of our products and services is already a no-brainer if you’ve been planning to start your own profitable dating website. 

But wait, there’s more!

Get our latest theme ‘Dating Club’ for FREE on any package starting from Platinum! 

user timelineLet us take a brief look at what you’ll be getting with the all-new and powerful Dating Club theme.

  1. Timeline feature that lets your users share audio, photos and videos with each other
  2. Seamless integration with WooCommerce platform
  3. Customized search filter with advanced parameters such as country, state, city, with pictures only, online-only, age limit and much more
  4. Advanced ajax technology to load content instantly
  5. User-friendly design for members 
  6. Centralized dashboard that gives users access to all of their settings

You can read about Dating Club theme’s capabilities in detail here.

This exclusive offer is only valid until 29th November, 2019. 

Ready to get WPDating’s Black Friday offer? 

Explore all packages


Dating Club Theme Official Release!

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Dating Club Theme Release

WPDating team is proud to announce the official release of our latest dating theme ‘Dating Club that redefines WordPress dating theme to a whole new level!

After months of development and behind-the-scenes testing from test users, we have come up with some new and exciting features to make sure our dating theme outperforms all existing ones in the market.

Here are some of the best features of Dating Club Theme.

1. Timeline Feature – Share status with multimedia

user timelineSay goodbye to old boring themes that restrict the users to share themselves with limited text updates.

Dating Club theme allows your users to share a personal status with the help of multimedia such as

  • Audio
  • Videos and
  • Photos

Your users’ profile will display a chronological order of their updates in a clean and legible format.


2. WooCommerce Integration

woo-commerce integrationThe ability to integrate with WooCommerce opens a whole new world of possibilities for your dating website.

There are thousands of elements that you can add, modify and customize to make sure you create a strong brand image with all of your customers. 

It is entirely dependent on your requirements how you want to make the best of this integration.

However, this feature is NOT included with plugin membership plans.


3. New Customized Search Filter

search filterThis new search filter allows your users to add granular search parameters to their search keyword. 

Since our customers tend to have a huge database of users, introducing this feature is definitely a must-have once the number of new sign-ups goes up in number.


4. Using Ajax to load content

ajax loadSimple yet powerful, ajax method loads data from a server and puts the returned data to the selected element. 

Not only does this boost your website speed, but it also helps to retain more customers with a seamless browsing experience across your dating website.


5. User-friendly design for members

user-friendly design for membersYour dating website’s members are the very source of your income. Dating Club theme gets rid of all the clutter and makes it easy to connect with other members. 

The theme’s responsive design also makes sure your users will be able to have access to all of the features regardless of the device that they’re using.


6. Centralized dashboard setting

centralized dashboardHaving a centralized dashboard that gives your users access to everything from setting up their personal details to notifications is a powerful feature for a dating website.

Dating Club theme’s all-new redesigned dashboard offers just that. No more browsing through 10 different pages to set up your profile. 

Click here to see the all-new Dating Club theme in action!

Dating Club Theme will also release updates in the near future and we can’t wait to see how you use it to create a stunning dating website.


New add-ons released! – WPDating September 2019 Update

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SMS verification addon

New month, new add-ons.

After only a month of releasing the new WPDating plugin, we are super stoked to announce yet another huge update to our dating solution.

Let’s dive right into it!

1. SMS Verification add-on

sms verification pluginIt is no surprise that many dating websites have a HUGE number of fake users. It almost makes you wonder how they managed to create an account in the first place, let alone send you a message.

Taking this problem into consideration, we’re excited to announce the launch of our SMS verification add-on.

As the name itself suggests, this add-on requires your users to complete their registration with the help of a unique code sent to them through SMS. 

This will help your dating website reduce the number of fake users by a significant number. 

Get the SMS verification add-on here.

Note: Requires WP Dating Plugin version 6.5 or higher.

2. Admin Message Reply add-on

admin message replyThis add-on is a result of the numerous requests from our existing customers.

In simple terms, this add-on allows the admin to view and reply to any message that is happening between two users across the whole dating website.

In case you want to make sure that your users are able to seamlessly send messages to each other at any point, you can manually try it yourself. 

Get the admin message reply add-on here

Note: Requires WP Dating Plugin version 6.6.4 or higher.

We hope these add-ons add even more value to your dating website and help you get ahead of the competition! 😉

WPDating Plugin version 6.6.3 Released

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WPDating plugin version 6.6.3

WPDating plugin version 6.6.3Greetings once again from WPDating headquarters!

We are super excited to announce the release of the latest WPDating plugin – version 6.6.3 that has been even more polished with the help of our valuable customers’ feedback alongside our QA team.

One of the more exciting updates in this version is the implementation of BlueImp image library that offers a streamlined image browsing experience.

WPDating’s development team also squashed plenty of bugs in the latest version of WPDating plugin.

Here’s a more detailed look at the highlights of WPDating version 6.6.3:
[!] Inbox message bug has been fixed
[!] Default Country value bug in meet me page has been fixed
[!] Data input for distance search has been sanitized
[!] Upload image limit bug has been fixed
[+] BlueImp image Library has been implemented for other users images

Besides these updates, we also have another exciting news: WPDating plugin is now compatible with our latest theme called Dating Club.

Due to an overwhelming number of requests from our customers, we also removed the login/logout status in the newsfeed.

Make sure you download the latest version of WPDating plugin to get the best features from our dating solution!

Until next time,
WPDating team

WPDating March update brings 3 new Language Add-ons!

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language addons dating site

Hei! Kamusta! xin chào!

language addons dating siteMarch has been yet another productive month for us at WPDating.

We’re excited to announce that WPDating has added three NEW language add-ons to our ever-growing list of languages.

Not that anyone’s counting but the addition of these three new add-ons now marks a total of 25 international languages!

The new packs in the language add-ons package now include:

  1. Finnish Language Pack
  2. Filipino Language Pack
  3. Vietnamese Language Pack

View All Language Packs

Each of these language packs is still being offered at our fixed rate of a generous $19!

So if you’re in Finland, Vietnam or the Philippines, this is the perfect opportunity to start your own profitable dating business with the help of our language packs to offer a personalized and local feel to your customers.

Get started using this link to explore all of our affordable packages!

WP DATING Black Friday and Cyber Monday Grand Sale

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No longer wait now. It’s a week that we all were waiting for. It’s a week of Thanksgiving day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It is a mega thread of all the existing deals. Get exclusive best deal of the year in our WP DATING product and services now. Now kick start your dating business with least price of WP DATING products Grab flat 35% off and enjoy the best dating deal ever in history. Read More

Did you start your dating site marketing on Instagram?

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dating site marketing on instagram

Besides its usefulness for social networking, Instagram also provides an option to advertise your company or product. Now you can use Instagram for business easily. This was difficult a year ago as you had to manually contact its sales representative and should have to be willing to spend huge amount of budget and time. Thus it rendered the possibility of marketing out of the reach and plan of most companies.


But things have gone different now! Instagram has launched its marketing API recently. This has presented a huge potential for businesses who initially could not dream about advertising in Instagram. Experts estimate that Instagram will soon become a major mobile advertising business to rival Google and Twitter.


In such scenario, what should be your next strategy? Well, if we had to answer it, we would definitely recommend you to start your advertisement campaign on Instagram and use Instagram for business. It’s easy in itself because instagram has provided a lot of useful features to make your task trouble free!


Recommended Process


Instagram provides you with a Business Manager User Interface to carry out all your activities of advertisement and basically it’s the most recommended process too.This Interface is used to claim ownership of the Instagram account you own and also you can use this interface or Facebook Marketing API’s to assign your ad accounts and perform other activities associated with it. This interface can be mastered with just a meager effort and gives you a lot in return.


The processes to make your task easier!


But if you have an instagram account and don’t want to use Business Manager Setup, you can connect that account to a facebook page using Page User Interface (UI) and perform your marketing operations. This is a simple and the best option for small businesses.


Further you also have the option to create a “shadow” instagram account based on your facebook page. This is a useful option if you do not have an instagram account plus do not want to create new one to avoid organic content management.
Explaining all these we further want to stress that you should seriously consider advertising your dating site on Instagram. This will open up a new potential for your business. It’s never a good idea to ignore even a simple marketing chance and with Instagram you will be ignoring a sea of opportunities. So it’s high time you start setting up an account on Instagram!

Premium WP Theme – Lavish Date v2.0.0 Released!

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lavish date 2.0.0

After the initial and a few releases of Lavish Date Theme, we have worked again to enhance the visual appeal and usability of this Lavish Date Theme and released the version 2.0.

So, if you have already purchased this theme, feel free to request the download link by entering your PayPal email used to purchase it on this page:

However, if you haven’t checked this theme, here is a demo site using Lavish Date theme and WP Dating Plugin. Please note that, you will only be able to use this theme after you have activated WPDating plugin as we have developed this theme addressing the special needs of WPDating Plugin.

If you would like to purchase this Lavish Date theme and some of our other Add-on products of WPDating Plugin, you can find them in this page:



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