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Dating Plugin Revenue

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Potential Revenue ScaleIf you’re interested in knowing about how much money you could potentially make with the WordPress Dating Plugin then be sure to check out the Potential Revenue Scale that we compiled from selected WordPress Dating Plugin customers 2013 data. This will give you a general idea of how much money you could make.

The scale is broken down into 4 sections. Revenue Scale, Average Membership Breakdown, Gender Membership Breakdown and  Niche Market Income Study. Part of the scale shows the average monthly income from customers that reported their income in the first 6 months of 2013. We surveyed 3 participating sites within each of the below 6 niche markets. Each month shows the average income that the market brought in. These were established WordPress Dating Plugin customer sites. These numbers do not show how much you will make but show a potential of what you could possibly make.

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Updated Android Dating App

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Android Mobile Dating App UpdateWe have updated the Android Mobile Dating app today so if you’ve downloaded it prior than today then your Android OS should automatically update the app for you. If not simply delete it and install the latest. It usually takes Google about 3 hours to fully propagate the app throughout the Google Play Store once we submitted it.
You’ll also need to update the WordPress Dating Plugin version 4.7.5 from the Updates page. Simply deactivate the dating plugin, delete it and install version 4.7.5 again. If you have made some file changes then contact us and we’ll send you the changed files.

The changes that went into this version of the Android Mobile Dating App include brand new icons for the home page. We also added a new icon to the top right of the app called “Alerts”. This shows all the alerts that you would get in the desktop version. Things like Winks received, Friend Requests, Virtual Gifts and Comments are now in the Alerts section of the mobile dating app.

You’ll also notice that the desktop notifications that popup showing you that someone has emailed you or that a friend has logged in, are now in the Mobile Dating App. Really, we’ve put the whole desktop in the app!

Custom WordPress Dating Site

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Custom WordPress Dating SiteThis is the beauty of using WordPress as a dating site. Not only do you get the SEO benefits of having a WordPress dating site but you also get tons of different combinations of looks and feels.

WordPress, by default, puts the blogs on the main page. For a WordPress Dating Site, you probably don’t want that unless you’re a dating blog site first and a dating site second. Read More

Dating Profile Search Tool

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Dating Profile Search ToolOne of the biggest features we’ve added to version 4.7.5 of the WordPress Dating Plugin is a FREE API to the MatchNinja Dating Profile Search Tool. This is a FREE service to all WordPress Dating Plugin customers.

This new tool is located in your WordPress Admin area under DSP Admin, Marketing, MatchNinja. What this tool does is help you promote your top dating profiles based on your keywords. This new API pushes your top dating profiles to and displays them based on keyword searches. Those profiles are linked back to your dating site. Read More

WordPress Dating Plugin ver 4.7.5

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Mobile Dating App for AndroidWP Dating is pleased to announce the launch of version 4.7.5 of the WordPress Dating Plugin. We’ve added a couple new features as well as a few fixes.

Today we launched the Android Mobile Dating App. It’s now available in the Google PlayStore. Check out the Mobile Dating App.

We’ve also added a new Lost Password tool to the DSP Login Plugin. This now uses the default WordPress Lost Password feature but it’s now integrated into the WordPress Dating Plugin. If you’ve lost your password then just enter your username or email and it will send you a reset link. Click that and change the password.

Another important feature that we’ve added to the WordPress Dating Plugin version 4.7.5 is a new updated Affiliate Program. We have now updated the dating plugin to use the wpAffiliate plugin. It’s now integrated and available in the dating plugin download.

These and a few other fixes now makeup the new WordPress Dating Plugin version 4.7.5.

Niche Market Dating Ideas

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Niche Market Dating IdeasLooking to break into the online dating business but need some Niche Market Dating Ideas? One question I always get is about the type of dating site to start. While there are many niche market dating sites out there, there are some markets that tend to make more money than others. Here’s my list…

Senior Dating is hot market right now. It’s dating for those who are about 55 or older. It’s a great market and the best thing is that it’s not as saturated as you might think it would be. Sure there is a lot of Senior Dating sites out there but is there one for your city? There might not be. If not then why not start a Senior Dating site for your city. For example, if you lived in Dallas, Texas, you could start a Dallas Senior Dating site. At the time of writing this blog, there are not any dedicated Senior Dating sites catering to the Dallas area. Sure there are some main stream sites like Mingle, Match and others but nothing specifically designed for the Dallas area. If there is then I couldn’t find it. Read More

Promoting a Dating Site

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Google Plus MarketingWhen marketing your dating site you need to make sure that you keep up with a few things. You want to promote your dating site on Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Using Google+ is very critical.  Your dating site will completely benefit from this if you use it. You want to promote it with a button/link to your Google Plus page somewhere on your dating site. You also want to make sure that you expand your Google + Circles by adding more people. When someone adds you, add them back. You also want to use Google Hangouts to expand the reach of your Google + Page and don’t forget to cross-promote your Google + Page on other social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

If you don’t have a Google + Page  then create one now. You also want a LinkedIn company page as well as a Twitter account. The more you expand your audience, the more branding you will create for your dating site.

If you don’t have a YouTube Channel then create one. You don’t need to post awesome production value videos. You just need to post something. Post a video talking about your dating site. Promote it via Twitter, Google +, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Also be sure to read Google News so that you keep up to date on the current trends of Search Marketing.

Happy New Year 2014

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Happy New Year 2014From all of us at WP, we’d like wish you all a wonderful and prosperous Happy New Year 2014. Here’s some updates on what is going on with us.

We’re about a week away from releasing the Mobile Dating App and we’re very excited about it. It contains all of the desktop features of your dating site and put nicely into a Mobile Dating App for Android and Apple phones. We’ll release it first in the Google Play Store and then into the Apple iTunes Store. This is because there are more Android users than Apple users so we decided to release that version first.

So, again, have a wonderful Happy New Year and stay tuned for we have some really exciting things happening with the WordPress Dating Plugin.

Update to 4.7.4

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We have just released an update to the WordPress Dating Plugin version 4.7.4. Included in this update is a few fixes and tweeks.

We resolved the quick search issue for non-logged in users. It now works properly. We have also added a new pagination system that gives you more control over the colors as well as the location. We also changed the login box on the home page. If you’re using the Dzonia Theme then when you change the Stylesheet colors, the login box will now match those colors. You’ll also now find a login box on the quick search form.

Existing customers can get this new update to 4.7.4 from the Updates page here at WP


WordPress 3.8 Released

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Today WordPress released version 3.8 of their core CMS software. It’s a great release with many new features. So, first things first. We have tested this release with the WordPress Dating Plugin version 4.7.3 and it works great. We’ve gone through it from start to finish and there are no issues that we’re finding so for those customers looking to update their WordPress core site, go right ahead but as a precaution, do a backup first. This should be what you do each time you update.

Some of the new features of this version of WordPress are:

Modern aesthetic

The new WordPress dashboard has a fresh, uncluttered design that embraces clarity and simplicity.

Clean typography

The Open Sans typeface provides simple, friendly text that is optimized for both desktop and mobile viewing. It’s even open source, just like WordPress.

Refined contrast

Admin Colors

WordPress just got a colorful new update. They’ve included eight new admin color schemes so you can pick the one that suits you best.

So this and a lot more has gone into the new version of WordPress and the WordPress Dating Plugin works perfectly with it.

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