Dating Script- “Create a unique dating site of your choice”

Dating script is a readymade package of code which helps you create a beautiful functional dating site in a short period of time. It is the complete package, all you need is to install this package in your WordPress based site and you will be able to create dating site fast and easy.

dating software for dating website

Features of dating script

  • User-friendly script for both user and admin
  • More appealing website, more subscribers and thus more income
  • Open Source hence customization is easy
  • White label dating solution i.e. One-time payment
  • Multiple language support
  • Requires less time to configure
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Shall I use Dating script or other methods to create a dating site?

The market offers you various alternatives to create a dating website but as an old saying “There are a million ways to die but an only way to live” so choosing the best dating site-script is an important decision for the long term.

Yes, you can create a dating site with different methods but using dating script means you are in good hands. You will be backed up by professional developers who provide you with continuous updates with time and trend.

Build an attractive and functional dating website using PHP dating script and become a leader in your niche. You will make a good amount of money if you have patience and put a little bit of effort. You need to increase your subscribers, then with constant care and maintenance of your site, you will end with a functional dating site.

Out of many ways creating a dating site using open source dating script with WordPress is the best solution. But you should be careful while selecting the script/plugin from your vendor.

Don’t just always go for cheap ones rather a trustworthy provider which backs you up with professional developers. As you grow with time you need to update your site with new features and functionality and that is provided by a good dedicated company only.

Similarly, WPDating Dating Script is an open source which means you can easily customize to your basic requirements.  Once you get the script then it’s your private property, you don’t need to give any extra money to anyone.

Benefits of using Open Source Dating Script

  • Appealing User-Interface
  • Built for dating
  • Industry-leading features
  • Customized Features and functions

It comes with an appealing, informative and interactive design. A user is highly engaged with the site. It has the intuitive design, so the users know what they are doing and where they are going.

Like any other premade dating site or premade template dating script is specifically made for dating so all the coding is done accordingly. It is fast, SEO friendly, does the job perfectly. Premade dating site usually don’t have the full-fledged features and function like that uses plugin/dating site script


Dating Script – Best Possible Option in the Market for both Armature & Professionals

dating script
dating script site

These above sites are so beautiful yet distinctive from each other but it uses the same dating script i.e. WPDating Dating Plugin. You can create a dating site as unique as possible.

You can use many dating themes with this open source script 

One of the great things about using dating script is you are not constrained to only one theme you can change it as you change your niche market. Say you decided to make teen dating and later you changed your mind to divorced dating, you can change the banner text, or you can change the theme to your preference.

But be clear that some of the dating themes have their specific dating script. I don’t take it as the negative point rather all the theme is prepared by keeping that script in the mind, so it is smoother with compared to other themes. Since the script is WordPress based you will easily find the WordPress dating theme in the market without any effort.

Get More from Less

Dating script is affordable, versatile futuristic software that can be your reliable program to start your dating business venture. It starts at $149,  you can create a dating site with it plus the availability of lots of Add-ons makes it moreadvanced and premium.

If you are thinking of operating an online dating business, then this is the one you need. You can integrate the mobile platform on it so a wider range of customers for you. You have an option to choose different packages as per your need. I can say you with confidence that using script means you get a lot of features i.e.

  • Near me
  • Meet me
  • Chat
  • Profile commenting and blocking
  • Skype chat integration
  • User privacy
  • Basic search and Advance search

As you increase your subscribers, you might face little difficulties, but it is nothing to worry about. We are here to help and support you in every aspect of your website’s lifecycle. Start a Great venture with Great PHP Dating Script and lots of useful add-ons and premium themes makes it a great product.

Start today to be part of Billion Dollar Industry and increase your profit parallel to your effort “Dating Industry is a thing now with $2.5 billion of annual market size” Creating online dating website is an easy job. If you are a beginner, then please read 4 Steps for starting an online dating website.

Get it right from the start