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By Updated on: September 20th, 2012Dating Software

Dating Site MembersIt’s no secret that you want to make money with your dating site. That’s why you started a dating site right? If you’re one of the extremely few people that start a dating site just for a hobby then you can disregard this post. This post is about making money with your dating site.  If that’s you, then read on…

Dating Software allows you to start a dating site and with the WP Dating Dating Software, you can do just that but how do you do it effectively? The key is to have a good profile base. I’ve seen a lot of dating site owners get their dating site setup and then turn on the paid mode part. This is not ideal for a dating site and I’ll explain why.

Say you go to a dating site that caters to your niche and you see that there are a few members on there so you register and login and just when you go to search or email, you’re hit with a “Upgrade Now” page. So, the question is, would you pay for a dating site that doesn’t have any members? The answer is no, you wouldn’t.

You have to keep a dating site free and build up your member base. Once you get a solid member base then you can start charging. How many members should you have? That’s a good question and the answer is it depends on the type of site you’re starting. The best person to ask is yourself. Put yourself in the shoes of your dating site visitors. Would you pay on your dating site with the amount of members it has? If you’re honest then you’ll know when to start charging but a good rule of thumb is to have a 3 to 1 ratio. If you’re on a general dating site, make sure you have 3 girls to every 1 guy. This ensures that the guys have a little more variety because the guys do more emailing and searching than girls do. Be sure to check out our Dating Profile Generator.

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