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By Updated on: October 1st, 2012Dating Software

True Dating Software Reality is what you really need in a dating software package. Why would you buy a dating software that is filled with tons of useless features?  Why would you buy a dating software package that claims to be SEO friendly when in fact it’s not. Just because you add tons of features doesn’t make your dating site any better than the rest. What matters is traffic. Case in point. is the crappiest looking dating site on the Internet but guess what? They have more traffic than anyone in the general dating site market. Oh, and they don’t have tons of pointless features.

Get in, get a date and move on. That’s how it works. People have the attention span of a goldfish these days so they want to see a photo, read the profile and then move to emailing or IM’ing them. Not sitting around trying to figure out how to use pointless features.

Our dating software is a dating plugin for WordPress. WordPress is the number one free CMS system on the Internet. So, that means that since WordPress is already SEO out of the box, then your SEO for your new dating site will be quicker and easier than any other dating software solution.

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