Dating Software Ver 4.5

Dating Software ver 4.5WP is pleased to announce the launch of our new Dating Software, version 4.5. This new version has a lot more features added as well as a lot more admin functions. Version 4.5 now has new features like Viewed Me, I Viewed, Interest Cloud, Updated Email and a brand new Profile Trending feature that will let your users see who has the most Winks/Flirts, Emails, Favorites, Friends and more. This feature is great for users that want to see who’s Trending.

Along with those above features and more, we’ve added a new Mobile Dating Software add-on. This new Mobile Dating Software, version 1.0, allows your mobile users/visitors to view your dating site with their iPhone or Android device. Don’t lose potential visitors who visit your site on their mobile device. Now you can capture all the visitors to your site with the new Mobile Dating Software. All included in the Dating Software ver 4.5!

Other features include enhancements to the user areas as well as new Admin Features. New Admin Features include a Blacklist, Language Admin, Grant Premium Member, Free Trials (Gender Based), Free Gender Email, New Custom Memberships, New Email Templates, Thumbnails (For Previous Customers) and a whole lot more. We invite you to check out the new Dating Software version 4.5.

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