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By Published on: October 26, 2014Dating Software

So you decided to own a dating website? That’s great. But what type of layout would you like to present it to your users? Probably you need to put some thoughts about the color scheme too. Your targeted niche can help you on the color scheme.  More info about creating effective dating site in this article…

Dating websites perform the best and gain regular users when you target a specific niche. But, you also have to understand crucial points like what your targeted clients desire, what they absolutely need and their mindset on what is actually important.

The look and feel of your website always comes first when attracting your potential members. Then the ease in usability and attractive features work together to keep your members coming back for more. So, while selecting a theme for your website, always make sure that your theme includes these options and they match along with the interest of your users.

Logo of your Site: Logo for your website may not increase the appeal or provide any functionality. But it is the smallest piece of information that reminds your users of your business. A logo needs not be some graphical image; it could only be as some alphabets but you ought to have it. When you select a theme for dating website, it is important that your theme provides a space for your logo.

Banner Image: Banner image represents the overall purpose of your website. Attractive graphics, images or even texts can deliver message to your website visitors. When you select a theme, make sure that your theme provides a banner space. You may want to customize the size or images of that banner in your website. If so is the case, our online support staffs are able to meet your demands on banner customization.

Color Combinations: This is one of the most important aspects of any website and for a dating website, compromising on this part may come up as a major flaw. Enjoy researching on some color psychology yourself if you want to. But understanding the niche and using a theme with appropriate color combination can have magical effect on conversion from your website.

Layout & Form Positions: Dating websites are definitely visually driven. Right object like registration forms, public profile of existing members, success stories etc., at the right places will prove valuable to increase business on your website. Furthermore, a glimpse of dating specific features like flirt, message, date request and such on the homepage is also effective to increase the members.

Language Options: If you are selecting between two themes; one with multiple language option and the other with just the English language, definitely go for the first one unless your niche is of native English speakers. Navigation menus, registration forms and even those submit buttons are more appealing to users if they are in their own language.


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    HI Betty thanks for the positive reply. You can start off by the purchase of the plugins and the installation service. Our team will then preform the setup for you.

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