March Dating Plugin News

March Dating Software NewsAnother quick update on what’s happening with the WordPress Dating Plugin. It’s been a few weeks since we released version 4.6.2 and there was one feature that we were not able to put into it that we’ve gone ahead and put into version 4.6.3 and that is the width adjustment. We know that there are some narrow WordPress Themes out there that don’t support the dating plugin. While there is not a lot of them we still want to make the dating plugin work for every WordPress Theme so, we’ve put in a width setting that allows you to set the width of the dating plugin.

We’ve also modified the dating software so that it no longer has tables. We’ve replaced all the tables with div tags so that it loads even faster. The tables also caused an issue with some themes so all tables are now gone and replaced with div tags.

That’s the latest for March and again, if you want to see more features in the dating plugin, be sure to let us know so we can get them into the next release…

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