Version 4.6.7 Released

WP Dating has released version 4.6.7 of the WordPress Dating Plugin. This new version of the dating software for WordPress has some tweeks and a couple additions.

In this version we have changed the way the profile generator works so now you can use any image file name. The previous version required the image name to be the same as the username. Now it does not need to be. We also have added two options for Instant Messenger. Because is still in business we decided to keep the option for it until they close down.  The other option is for So, you can still use Userplane if you have an account or you can use  If you use 123FlashChat, be sure to get the Hosted Solution.

Those are the changes that are in version 4.6.7 of the WordPress Dating Software. For existing customers, be sure to download version 4.6.7 from the Updates page and install it. Deactivate your 4.6.6 dating plugin, delete it and install 4.6.7 and activate it. Then run the upgrade file.

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