WordPress Dating Plugin

We recently released version 4.5.1 of the WordPress Dating Plugin.  This Dating Software is full of new features you want that make it exciting and fun to run a dating site. Not to mention the money you can make with it. Features now include Live Video Chat, Profile Generator, Sidebar Chat Module plus a lot more. It’s the most evolving Dating Software that you’ll find on the Internet.

WordPress Dating Plugin is really not the best word to describe this powerful dating software. It’s more powerful than other dating software applications out there. Partly because of the WordPress core it sits on top of but mainly because of the features that this $199 dollar piece of software packs. Just checking out the features of the Dating Plugin and checking out the Dating Demo will show you exactly how packed it is.

One of the best things that the WordPress Dating Plugin offers is the themes. Other Dating Software providers offer you a handful of themes. We offer you over 130 themes to go with the Dating Plugin. That’s unheard of. Not only do you get over 130 Premium WordPress Themes with the plugin but there are thousands of WordPress Themes out on the Internet.

Besides all the themes you’ll find for the WordPress Dating Plugin, you’ll also find thousands of WordPress Plugins to enhance your dating site.

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