500 Profiles Installation Procedure

500 Profiles Installation Procedure

  1. First thing you need to do is to check the prefix of your WordPress Site. The default prefix is wp_ . You may have changed  it when you first installed the WordPress. However, if you forgot what it is, you can check it  by searching  for  wp-config.php file in your site directory. Open it using notepad++ or any text editor and search for  $table_prefix. Now, you got the prefix.wp-config
    1. With Default Prefix: wp_  Upload the profiles.zip that you received while purchasing the 500 profiles package file to wp-contents> uploads>dsp_media
    2.  With other Prefix: Simply extract the profiles.zip filethat you received while purchasing the 500 profiles package and open up the runfirst.sql, profiles.sql and users.sql, search for  wp_ and replace it with your prefix and save it.  Now create a new zip file named profiles-new.zip with the new files of runfirst.sql, profiles.sql and users.sql (the files with the changed prefix) and upload it in wp-contents> uploads>dsp_media on your site. Now unzip the file profiles-new.zip in the directory  wp-contents > uploads > dsp_media.runfirst
  2. Open a software called Putty. You can download it for free if you don’t have one from this link. Enter the Host Name or ip address, port of your site and check on SSH and then click on open. Just make sure that SSH is enabled for your site, if its not contact your host provider and enable SSH for your site.putty
  3. After you click ‘Open’ you will be asked for the credentials: login as: here enter the username of ssh and press enter. Password: type the password and you will get access to your server.putty1
  4. Now you need to goto the path dsp_media. It is located in wp-content/uploads/dsp_media. For our case we have the folder dsp_media in the path public_html/wp-content/uploads/dsp_media.  To go into this location type the following command: cd public_html/wp-content/uploads/dsp_mediaputty2
  5. Now you will need to download the profiles from the link  content.wpdating.com/uploads/userphotos.tar.gz which is almost 5.5 GB. To download it into your server type the command:  wget content.wpdating.com/uploads/userphotos.tar.gz and press enter. Wait until the command is executed. (It may take some time depending upon the speed of your internet connection.)wget
  6. Now you need to extract the userphotos.tar.gz file. To do this type the command: tar xvfz userphotos.tar.gz and press enter.untar
  7. You need to run the uploaded SQL files on your server. For this type the command: mysql -u your_database_username -p your_database_name < runfirst.sql and press enter and you will be asked to Enter Password: ( Enter the password of your Database)putty4 (Note: Here we have our database_username and database_name same i.e. dsdev_db. This may not be in your case.)
  8. Repeat step 8 by replacing runfirst.sql by users.sql first and then again do the same process for the profiles.sql.putty5putty6
  9. 500 profiles have been installed on your site.

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