If you have enabled the Happy Stories element of the homepage on DSP Admin > Settings >General, you might be wondering where you will find the option to enter those stories. You will be able to add the happy stories about the members of your dating site from here. The concept is to write about important events of your dating site and attractive stories that took place between your members so that visitors on your site who have not registered will be read it and be tempted to register in your site.

happy stories

Click on the image to enlarge.

Add New Story

Title: Give an attractive title to your story.

Choose File: Browse through the images that you have and upload them or if you are writing about your members, you can also use their images if they are fine. This may also be a way to highlight or “feature” a member profile.

Story: Write down a story that your members and the visitors would like to read. It will work better if you stick to the content of your site or the niche dating market.

Finally, click the Add button to add your happy story. Consistency in posting happy stories will also keep your members engaged.