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Version 4.6.7 Released

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WP Dating has released version 4.6.7 of the WordPress Dating Plugin. This new version of the dating software for WordPress has some tweeks and a couple additions.

In this version we have changed the way the profile generator works so now you can use any image file name. The previous version required the image name to be the same as the username. Now it does not need to be. We also have added two options for Instant Messenger. Because Userplane.com is still in business we decided to keep the option for it until they close down.  The other option is for 123FlashChat.com. So, you can still use Userplane if you have an account or you can use 123FlashChat.com.  If you use 123FlashChat, be sure to get the Hosted Solution.

Those are the changes that are in version 4.6.7 of the WordPress Dating Software. For existing customers, be sure to download version 4.6.7 from the Updates page and install it. Deactivate your 4.6.6 dating plugin, delete it and install 4.6.7 and activate it. Then run the upgrade file.

Live Video Chat Solution

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Live Video Chat Dating SoftwareWith the release of version 4.5.1, the Dating Software now comes with Userplane.com Live Video Chat. This is a one on one Instant Messenger that allows two people with webcams to see and talk to each other. This is now part of the WordPress Dating Software version 4.5.1 and available for demo in the Dating Software Demo.

Setup is extremely easy and only requires you to go to Userplane.com and setup your account. Once you setup your account, you’ll need to copy your Site ID and API Key to the Admin area of the dating software. Then all you need to do is setup how you want your users to use it.

Userplane Live Video Chat is THE best video chat for Dating Software solution on the Internet.

Got questions about the new Live Video Chat that’s in the WordPress Dating Plugin? Feel free to contact us.

Dating Profile Generator

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Dating Site ProfilesYes, the title says it all. The Dating Profile Generator. What is it? What does it do? How can you get it? Keep reading…

The Dating Profile Generator is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a new tool that we have put into version 4.5.1 of the dating software, which is available now. Along with the new  Userplane.com Instant Messenger, we’ve now included a pretty cool tool called the Dating Profile Generator.

This tool is designed to create random profiles for your dating site. All you need to do is provide the photos and fill out one text file and the generator will do the work for you.

We created the Dating Site Profile Generator because there are a bunch of Dating Site Profiles for sale out on the Internet and most of them are scams. The ones that aren’t scams don’t work with the WordPress Dating Plugin. This is because the profile structure is completely different. We thought that if we added the Dating Profile Generator to the Dating Software, then it would save dating site owners time, money and a huge headache. It also makes a empty dating site look a bit busy.

The Dating Profile Generator is now part of our Dating Software package version 4.5.1. For those of you that already have the WordPress Dating Software, all you need to do is upgrade and as usual, upgrades are free!

Mobile Dating Software

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Mobile Dating SoftwareThis Mobile Dating Software allows is a mobile browser for your Dating Site and allows your members to view your dating site on their mobile devices.

More and more users are using their iPhones and Android devices to browse the web. Now you don’t have to worry about losing users or users leaving your site on their mobile device. They can now simply register/login and view your Dating Site on their mobile device. Guest don’t have to login or register to search.

The Mobile Dating Software is a lighter version of the WordPress Dating Site and has the most popular features of the Dating Software added to it. Things like Who’s Online, Search, Saved Search, Email, My Matches, Newest Members and Most Popular and all on the mobile device. This is not a mobile dating app.

The Mobile Dating Software doesn’t require any special programming of your theme, users simply go to your site on their mobile device and it automatically loads the mobile dating version for them.

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Dating Site Marketing

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Dating Site MarketingNow that you have your Dating Software and you’ve got your Dating Site installed and working, you need to do Dating Site Marketing but by reading this you might want to find out more about getting your new Dating Site to the top of Google. Keep reading…

First off, having the WordPress Dating Plugin is a great start. We all know WordPress is the number one free SEO tool on the Internet and now that you have the WordPress Dating Software, you’re well on you way to getting to the top but, you can’t just install a Dating Site and think that it’s going to get to the top of Google for your keywords. It’s a little bit of work but guess what? You can do it and it’s not as hard as you think.

First you have to know what market you’re going after. For this example I’m going to use the keyword “Christian Dating”. Say you want to start a new Christian Dating Site in your city. You’re going to want to come up on the first page of Google results for your main keyword of “Christian Dating”. Sure that’s a competitive keyword but there is nothing keeping you from dominating the top results of Google with your dating site for that keyword but remember, it’s not just about that one keyword. You want other keywords ranking in the top results too. Those are called “Long Tail Keywords” and an example of a Long Tail Keyword would be “Dallas Christian Dating”. Any more than two keywords and it’s going to be a Long Tail Keyword and those keywords are less competitive and easier to get to the top.

The goal here is to have numerous dating site related keywords ranking well and even though a Long Tail Keyword might only bring in a few visitors per day, it’s all the keywords combined that will give you your overall visitor traffic. So, in short, the more two word and three word keywords you have, the more traffic you’re going to have overall. Remember, it’s the big picture so if you have, say, 20 keyword combinations doing well then you’ll have great traffic to your Dating Site.

When you purchase our WordPress Dating Software you get the WordPress Marketing Guide for free that will explain how to get your new Dating Site to the top of Google and as always, contact us for any questions.

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WordPress 3.2 Tested

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WordPress has just released version 3.2. This new version has been added to the WordPress Dating Demo and has also been fully tested with the WordPress Dating Plugin to ensure proper function of the dating software and we’re pleased to report that you can upgrade your version of WordPress to version 3.2 without worrying about the WordPress Dating Plugin not working.

Version 3.2 is a great release of the WordPress software. This new release has been optimized for speed. It’s faster and lighter than the previous version of WordPress. There is a brand new redesign of the dashboard area as well as a new look to the admin area. I’m sure you’re going to love the new look and feel.

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WordPress Dating Software

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WordPress Dating PluginTurn any WordPress site into a professional dating website. WP Dating has a unique WordPress Dating Plugin. This is a dating software plugin specially designed for WordPress. Full of the features you need in a professional dating website including a Mobile Dating version for your iPhone and Android visitors.

The WordPress Dating Plugin is Paypal ready meaning you can charge your members to communicate with other members. Our admin area is professionally designed with everything you need to run a dating site. Features include search, advanced search, saved search, internal email, friends, favorites, quick search, photo uploads, gallery uploads and much much more.

You won’t find any other professional WordPress Dating Plugin on the Internet. We are the only ones that provide this solution.

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