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WordPress Dating Plugin 4.8.1

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WordPress Dating Plugin 4.8.1We have just released version 4.8.1 of the WordPress Dating Plugin. This is a update to 4.8 and contains a few fixes and tweeks.

Some of the items we resolved was a issue with duplicate profiles being created under shared hosting. This is due to the speed at which the shared hosting servers were running. Because shared servers can be a lot slower they were creating latency issues causing the dating plugin to duplicate a profile if it the first one wasn’t written to the database in time. This has been corrected. Read More

Custom WordPress Dating Site

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Custom WordPress Dating SiteThis is the beauty of using WordPress as a dating site. Not only do you get the SEO benefits of having a WordPress dating site but you also get tons of different combinations of looks and feels.

WordPress, by default, puts the blogs on the main page. For a WordPress Dating Site, you probably don’t want that unless you’re a dating blog site first and a dating site second. Read More

Updated How To Videos

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In response to our customers requests, we have updated most of the How To Videos for the WordPress Dating Plugin. When you login to the Members Area here at WP Dating.com, you’ll find 3 new How To Videos that include Quick Setup, User Area Review and Admin Area Review. These new videos replace the older videos we had prior to version 4.7.2 of the dating plugin. They also include setup instructions for the new optional home page template.

As for the other videos like WordPress Security and Profile Generator, those original videos are still there. Since those features have not changed there was no need to update them.

We have also updated the install guide for version 4.7.2. You’ll find the new install guide in the Support Forums as well as a quick link from the Members Area.

Securing WordPress Dating Site

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Securing WordPress Dating SiteWhile there is really no way to protect your WordPress Dating Site 100%, there are plugins and security methods you can apply that can protect you from some backs and limit others. The last thing you want to do is have your WordPress dating site hacked so at the very least, HAVE GOOD BACKUPS!

There are three plugins that, at a bare minimum, you should install. They are WordFence, WSD Security and the TimThumb Scanner. All are free plugins that you can download from your Plugin area of your WP Admin area. Get these setup to add more protection to your dating site.

In a nutshell, you want to change your default admin username to something else, don’t use the default wp table prefix (wp_) when you install WordPress and another is to protect your /wp-admin/ area with a .htaccess file that blocks all other IP addresses with the exception of yours. You can read more about how to setup your .htaccess file in the Support Forums under Security.

The last thing is have good backups. There are many backup plugins out there that can do that for you. Be sure to read the support forum thread about backups. We’ve posted a really cool solution there to automate your backups that get uploaded to dropbox.com and all for free.

WordPress Dating

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Are you looking to turn your WordPress Dating blog site into a full featured professional dating site? Then look no further. WP Dating now offers a very unique WordPress Dating Plugin that will run circles around all other dating software products when it comes to SEO. Now you can get your WordPress Dating site to the top of Google quicker and easier than any other dating software package on the Internet.

Why buy dating software if you can’t get to the top of Google with it? Why buy dating software just for the features when you won’t have the traffic to use it? Why not buy WordPress Dating Software that will give your members what they need and get your site to the top of Google quick and easy? Now you can… Check out the WordPress Dating Demo.

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