Language Issue Fix

By Published on: September 26, 2013WordPress Dating Plugin

Hey guys, we’ve corrected a small bug in the WordPress Dating Plugin that was causing the language flags not to be clickable with certain themes. This was happening only with version 4.7. If you’re experiencing this issue, please login to the Updates page and get a fresh copy of version 4.7 and apply it. We’ve also changed the code that goes in the footer so be sure to read the support thread and get the new code that goes in your footer. This is only if you’re using version 4.7. Previous versions don’t have the issue.

Want to thank Paul B for helping us find this issue.


  • DiltroSayWhat says:

    Awesome guys. I like that I found this yesterday and it was fixed today. Just got the updated plugin and language works perfectly! Thank you.

  • Datemetonightg says:

    Thanks for the fix Michael.

  • Billy says:

    I updated the wordpress dating plugin this morning. Do I need to update it again?

  • DatingSolutions says:

    @Billy – We updated it about 3 hours ago so if you got a copy before that then just grab another one and install it.

  • Ronnie says:

    Works great, thanks.

  • BuddhaChick says:

    Works for me too but my question is for the Thai Language. What charset should I be using for the Thai Language?

  • DavidRyker says:

    The language admin area works perfectly now but do I need to change the footer code?

  • DatingSolutions says:

    @BuddhaChick – Try to use the iso-8859-11 charset for Thai and let us know. Be sure to post it in the forums so we can track the progress.

  • DatingSolutions says:

    @DavidRyker – There is a new footer code so be sure to update that in your theme. You can find that in the forums. There’s a link to it in your admin area of the WordPress Dating Plugin. Go to DSP Admin, Tools, Language, Add Text and you’ll find the link to the thread in the support forum. Apply that new code and the flags will work perfectly.

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