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iPhone Mobile Dating AppWP Dating is pleased to announce the release of the Android Mobile Dating App that works with the WordPress Dating Plugin.

The mobile dating app will allow your members to access all the dating software features that the desktop version currently has and display it nicely on their mobile device. This is not the mobile browser that we currently have. This new product is an mobile app specifically designed for the Android mobile devices.


  • ryanmcman says:

    Made the purchase. What is the expected release date?

  • DatingSolutions says:

    We’re looking at a 3 month development and we’ve already begun.

  • Lawyerchap says:

    Will make the purchase as well. But presently i am wondering how the mobile browser works. I do not know if there is a way to directly access the dating functionality on a mobile phone. Could you please throw some light on this?

    Also the Nokia Lumia is very popular in my country and is a Windows phone. Also the Microsoft Surface RT is gaining market share against the iPad and Galaxy Tab. Will the App support Windows-based mobile devices like these?

  • DatingSolutions says:

    @LawyerChap – It’s a mobile app, not a mobile browser. We currently have mobile browser in the plguin. The mobile dating app works by connecting to your dating site and gives you just about all the features but it’s all designed inside an app. If you’ve seen the POF app then it’s similar. We’re designing it to use just about all the features of the dating plugin. Very sleek design. So basically your users will be able to do what they do on the desktop, on the mobile.

    We’re designing it so that it fits iPhones, Android, Blackberry and Windows based mobile phones. While there will be some small differences on each platform, the objective is the same. To give dating functionality in the mobile app.

  • JohnF says:

    I’m not an iPhone user but according to my information any iPhone App need to be registered and approved by Apple in their iTunes Store. Do you guarantee the app will be approved there?

  • DatingSolutions says:

    You will not have to submit the app or pay a fee to iTunes or Google. We’ll take care of all that. Your customers simply download the app. There are no fees for you.

  • littlebigbox says:

    Where do I pre-order the app?

  • DatingSolutions says:

    You can pre-order it from the Purchase page here..

  • genesiscomputing says:

    Pre-ordered. I really like the work you’ve done, I can’t wait to see the app!

  • DatingSolutions says:

    Thanks, we’re really working hard on it.

  • johnstonkmm says:

    i have ordered it and excited!

  • HLeemans says:

    will it be available in all languages or just English?

  • DatingSolutions says:

    It’s going to pull the language from your site.

  • 76Cherie says:

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  • daniel says:

    Do you offer for the app to be registered to my IOS developer account for an extra fee?

  • Raghab - DatingSolutions Support says:


    Yes, you can get the app personalization package that worth $499 only from our store @ so that you have your own branded app,
    Apps Personalisation: With the purchase of this service worth $ 499 we will add the app to the respective app store with your own site’s name and logo. Your user can search the app for your site name and download the app from the respective store and use their login credentials they can enjoy the app feature. The user does not need to enter your site URL
    After the first year, we charge $99 per year. 7 weeks time required to deliver the apps after you send us the requirements.
    For more info please feel free to chat us on our live chat support which is at the bottom right corner on our site,
    Thank you,

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