5 Ways To Boost Your Dating Brand With Social Media

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Worldwide audiences camedian be reached with the help of social media without any complications. In other words, social media channels empower you to successfully grab the attention of audiences from all demographics in a highly targeted way. This technique helps you to produce perfect strategic marketing tool.
Social media plays a vital role for any brand to grow their value and reputation in the market.

Here we discuss some of the essential information for growing your brand value using social media. In addition, we will also discuss some advice to monetise your social channels.


For driving high quality targeted traffic, blogging is essential to your dating website. Related post with relevant and relatable value generating contents for your client is very much essential. These factors automatically help you to increase page traffic, increase your page rank, search engine optimization and keyword rich content.

blogpostAs well as driving more natural visitors to your website, a blog can also assist you to increase an experience of a network, giving contributors a possibility to interact and develop a courting together with your brand and other participants. It’s crucial to build trust on your logo and by using growing your personal network, you grow the probabilities of an ability member making an investment financially for your emblem. studies show that corporations who blog just 15 instances each month get 5 times greater visitors than groups without a blog.

On the subject of monetization, you may likewise create income from your blog by utilizing hardware like Google AdSense, which indicates Google advertisements in your blog as an end-result of offers.

To help you build up your group, you can likewise connect with various bloggers to peer in the event that they can convey around your relationship webpage for nothing as a byproduct of cross-advancing.


Three billion youtubevideos are watched on YouTube every day, and there are lots of opportunities to attract new audiences by creating your very own video content.

People buy from people and if they’re interested to invest in you and your emblem, you increase your probabilities of acquiring and retaining the best traffic stream. Consistent with recent research, developing human-interest movies of a person speaking about their product or service can dramatically increase income.

When you’ve achieved a specific amount of perspectives or potentially supporters, you’ll be qualified to come to be a YouTube accomplice. This shows Google will pay you in light of the amount of snaps and perspectives of your motion pictures receive, giving you the right monetization strategy. However, it’s well significant that every one video must agree to YouTube’s principles sooner than you can monetise them.


instagramInstagram is a brilliant channel for raising brand awareness, with a surprising 75m humans the usage of the app every day. The visual content material style is first-rate at capturing someone’s attention and constantly reminding them about your brand, using them again to your website time and again.

You could also force engagement further through web hosting giveaways or competitions on your Instagram web page, asking users to comply with your account and upload an image using a selected hashtag to win a prize. you may additionally consist of promo codes to your snapshots and characteristic a hit testimonials with images of couples that met and found love through your website.


Each success commercial enterprise has to have a Twitter account. Twitter is a superb manner to grow brand focus, offer immediate updates and data for your target marketplace, as well as being a powerful outlet to sell your blog content, YouTube films and direction of your dating website.


partnershipFinally, working with trustworthy accomplices over all your social channels can include value, validity and have confidence in your picture. A spectacular occurrence of ways an association might need to work may be a joint effort with a well-known blogger or YouTuber who speaks to the market you’re hoping to target. Case, in the event that you’re offering an unmarried perceive specialty relationship webpage, you would potentially hope to work together with a celebrated around the world unmarried parent who runs a win YouTube channel or blog.

Regardless of whether it’s a Tweet, shoutout in a vlog or space in a video, partnerships might be a magnificent way to gather high-quality traffic. In the event that the YouTuber or blogger is genuine, their awesome impact has an effect over their viewer’s decisions, that may bring about a strong change expense.

The association might need to chip away at a CPA form, with you paying them a concurred amount for every transformation, or rather you could pay a set charge forthright. A super area to enroll YouTubers is FameBit, a gadget that licenses you to set funds for the promoting of your dating page – then YouTubers apply to work with you. you can then choose which bloggers adjust the top notch alongside your brand and watch the activity start flooding in.

Also, there we have it! For those out there who are yet to embrace these obtaining systems, we’d encourage you to present them a go and start to take a peek at your dating deals lift.

Releasing WPDating Plugin v.5.9 with more and improved Language add-ons

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We are happy to announce the release of our primary products – WPDating Plugin v. 5.9 and improved language add-ons with po files. With the suggestions and feedback from our customers who are in regular contact with us, we have made the following changes to the plugin:


[!] Register Redirect improvised
[!] Google Map API improved
[!] Zip code search improvised
[+] Integrated qtranslate plugin for languages
[+] Language translation using .po files


These changes will allow you to create different appeal for your dating site as well as experiment with the colors so as to increase the members registration on your site. If you have not purchased our plugin package yet you can buy them from here.

If you have any suggestions for us please feel free to send them to us. We will implement them as per the number of requests we receive for the feature suggestions.

WP DATING Black Friday and Cyber Monday Grand Sale

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No longer wait now. It’s a week that we all were waiting for. It’s a week of Thanksgiving day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It is a mega thread of all the existing deals. Get exclusive best deal of the year in our WP DATING product and services now. Now kick start your dating business with least price of WP DATING products Grab flat 35% off and enjoy the best dating deal ever in history.

Black Friday sales

Wp Dating has been providing its service since past 5 years and probably the best product for a dating site startup. Wp Dating is known for its best dating features. The WP DATING plugin is a complete package in itself to commence your online dating business.

The feature such as Match Alert, Near Me, User Profile, Date Tracker, Meet Me, User Blocking is an inevitable feature that users seek from any dating site. Wp Dating fulfills all of these user demands and includes all of the advanced features for your dating site.

Nevertheless, WP Dating team continuously carry out the research on more advanced feature to fulfill the customer expectation and work on it to bring them to the reality.

WP DATING also provides incredible unlimited support for your website after your purchase. There are over 80 Premium WordPress Themes that can be used for any of your sites and also you can always get the free upgrades as long as you own your site.

Combining these features with the huge number of various WordPress modules, you’re dating web site will be more unique than any other dating websites on the Internet.

Now configure your Dating site with CCBill Payment Gateway

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CCBill Payment Gateway for WP Dating Site:

With high customer demand, WPDating plugin has recently released the CCBill payment gateway add-on. Now, the WP Dating users can easily integrate the CCBill payment option in their Dating Business Site. Most of the adult content Dating site is largely facing the complexity in their billing system, with this considerations, WP Dating Family is pleased to announce the integration of CCBill Payment Gateway.

Why CCBill?

In this world of online business, your customers are literally thousand miles apart from your marketplace. This scenario demands you to be able to appeal  your customer regardless of their location and be able to take the advantage over this global marketplace. CCBill payment gateway has such a regional pricing feature that will help to allow your online dating customer make their subscription payment for your dating site.

From among the various international payment tools, CCBill regional pricing is one affable source to generate additional revenues across the globe with no extra cost for regional pricing. It has very easy integration procedure for your online portal, the settings can be easily done through your admin panel. CCBill helps you to instantly reach your global audience with a feature to switch the currency type either to USD, EUR, AUD, CAD, GBP, JPY in the payment process.

CCBill has integrated risk management into online dating business model that offers vital pricing and payment functionality. Also, if you run high risk business model for example adult sites or gambling sites, CCBill can be among one of the trusted payment gateway for you and your customer. It handles extortion and hazard alleviation, buyer fulfillment, and saving money and credit card control in a trusted brand which layers administrative support for lawful variables, consistence support for legitimate issues, and purchaser support for customer fulfillment.

How flexible is it for my Customers?

flexibilityThere are various payment gateway providers who offers online payment processing, CCBill is one of the best payment service provider for your customers. CCBill provides flexible payment processing over the web by reducing the IT burden for customers- changes in the payment process can easily be done.


ccbill-safetySecurity is crucial part for the payment processing. There is always fear of sharing your sensitive data such as Credit Card Numbers as there is high chance of fraudulent activities. But with this CCBill payment option in your WP Dating Site your customer is fully secured of these fraudulent activities as it follows high secured standard rule to protect the customer data. The CCBill uses encryption system to transfer the data of customer across the public network and highly restrict the physical access to the cardholder data.

CCBill is recognized as a global payment service for your online Business. As online transaction is crucial for today’s online business, CCBill is complete package in itself with detection of advanced fraudulent activities, actionable members management tools, easily configurable billing options and so on. Simply, CCBill payment processing allows you the level of control you need for your dating site, while utilizing a dependable and secure foundation for preparing exchanges without any additional expenses and charges.


Releasing WPDating Plugin v.5.8 & Stripe Payment Gateway Add-on v.4.0.0

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We are happy to announce the release of our primary products – WPDating Plugin v. 5.8 and Stripe Payment Gateway Add-on v. 4.0.0. With the suggestions and feedback from our customers who are in regular contact with us, we have made the following changes to the plugin:

[!] Permission Issue resolved
[!] Footer width improved
[+] Hook for credits
[+] Membership Plan information in DSP ADMIN
[+] Free membership plan
[+] Profile questions private
[+] Privacy Only me option added for User Profiles
[+] Add to Friends button when profile privacy is set to view only to
friends mode

As we have improved the functionality in the Stripe Payment Gateway Add-on as well, here are the changes related to that:

We have now added features such as purchase of credits using the Stripe payment gateway.  The credits can be used for sending emails and gifts to the users.

These changes will allow you to create different appeal for your dating site as well as experiment with the colors so as to increase the members registration on your site. If you have not purchased our plugin package yet you can buy them from here.

If you have any suggestions for us please feel free to send them to us. We will implement them as per the number of requests we receive for the feature suggestions.

WPDating iPhone APP Released!

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We have recently released the WPDating app for iPhone users! This app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and requires iOS 6.0 or later. With this app, members of your dating site will be able to use and enjoy the features provided by WPDating Plugin.  Your users will be able to login using their access details that they created while registering on your site and the new users can register from this app as well.

We have provided the android dating apps previously and there still is the iPhone dating app but what’s special about this app release?


This WPDating iPhone App will allow you to use the in-app purchase feature provided by the apple store. You members will be able to buy the membership packages by using this app. However, to sell the membership packages from this app, you will need to purchase the app personalization package. The reason being that the payments your members make will be deposited in the iOS developers account used to submit the app in the app store.

With this app, you can Perform advanced search to find your match and start chat to become intimate with them. You can also search for profiles which are trending and indulge in one on one chat. If you want to track the dates you’ve been with other members, you can simply click the icon Date Tracker and that profile will be added to the Date Tracker. You can easily manage your friends and favourites and also get the relevant news.

So, don’t miss to grab the members from iPhone user community and facilitate them to purchase your membership using this newly released app.


Releasing WPDating Plugin v.5.7 & WPDating Theme v.2.6

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wpdating released

We are happy to announce the release of our primary products – WPDating Plugin v. 5.7 and WPDating Theme v. 2.6.  With the suggestions and feedback from our customers who are in regular contact with us, we have made the following changes to the plugin:

[+] Add both and none option in Free Email Mode
[+] Enable favorites member to see private media
[!] Discount code feature improved
[!] Allow to Delete Album by member
[!] Round off discount code
[!] City and state search improved
[!] Fixed Email validation
[!] Stealth mode improved
[!] Private photos not displayed in Near Me search
[!] Remove deprecated WordPress functions

As we have improved the functionality in the WP Dating Theme as well, here are the changes related to that:
[+] Added options in Typography and Colors section
[+] Added Menu Color change option in Theme Customizer
[+] Added Search Section Color change option in Theme Customizer
[+] Added Footer colors change option in Theme Customizer
[+] Added Font Color change option in Theme Customizer

These changes will allow you to create different appeal for your dating site as well as experiment with the colors so as to increase the members registration on your site. If you have not purchased our plugin package yet you can buy them from here.

If you have any suggestions for us please feel free to send them to us. We will implement them as per the number of requests we receive for the feature suggestions.

Did you start your dating site marketing on Instagram?

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dating site marketing on instagram

Besides its usefulness for social networking, Instagram also provides an option to advertise your company or product. Now you can use Instagram for business easily. This was difficult a year ago as you had to manually contact its sales representative and should have to be willing to spend huge amount of budget and time. Thus it rendered the possibility of marketing out of the reach and plan of most companies.


But things have gone different now! Instagram has launched its marketing API recently. This has presented a huge potential for businesses who initially could not dream about advertising in Instagram. Experts estimate that Instagram will soon become a major mobile advertising business to rival Google and Twitter.


In such scenario, what should be your next strategy? Well, if we had to answer it, we would definitely recommend you to start your advertisement campaign on Instagram and use Instagram for business. It’s easy in itself because instagram has provided a lot of useful features to make your task trouble free!


Recommended Process


Instagram provides you with a Business Manager User Interface to carry out all your activities of advertisement and basically it’s the most recommended process too.This Interface is used to claim ownership of the Instagram account you own and also you can use this interface or Facebook Marketing API’s to assign your ad accounts and perform other activities associated with it. This interface can be mastered with just a meager effort and gives you a lot in return.


The processes to make your task easier!


But if you have an instagram account and don’t want to use Business Manager Setup, you can connect that account to a facebook page using Page User Interface (UI) and perform your marketing operations. This is a simple and the best option for small businesses.


Further you also have the option to create a “shadow” instagram account based on your facebook page. This is a useful option if you do not have an instagram account plus do not want to create new one to avoid organic content management.
Explaining all these we further want to stress that you should seriously consider advertising your dating site on Instagram. This will open up a new potential for your business. It’s never a good idea to ignore even a simple marketing chance and with Instagram you will be ignoring a sea of opportunities. So it’s high time you start setting up an account on Instagram!

WPDating Plugin v5.6, WPDating Theme v2.5 Changes & Lavish Date Theme v2.2 Changes Released!

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We are proud to announce the release of WPDating plugin version 5.6, WPDating Theme version 2.5 Changes and Lavish Date Theme version 2.2 Changes. This release comes up introducing additional new features and improvements. We have also removed some of the irrelevant previous features.

WPDating Theme Version 2.5 Changes 

  • Https compatible
  • Contact Page fields fix in FIREFOX Browser

Lavish Date Theme Version 2.2 Changes

  • Near me css
  • Displays display name in Featured members, Online members, New members,
  • Removed breadcrumb icon

WPDating Plugin Version 5.6

  • HTTPS compatible
  • Paypal Recurring
  • Single quotes preceding with slashes in about me
  • User info displays in friend request
  • Translation now displays in advanced search -> profile question
  • Reported Comments Changed table prefix
  • New improved template

If you haven’t purchased our products, you can do so now by visiting products page or add-ons page. And if you have already purchased our products, please enter your paypal email in this page to get the download link in your email.

Updates for WPDating plugin,WPDating Theme and Lavish Date Theme Released!

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WPDating Plugin 5.5 Release

Your long wait for new updates of LAVISH DATE THEME V2.1, WPDATING THEME  V2.4 and WPDATING PLUGIN V 5.5 has just come to an end!

We have made sure that this update come with multiple added features. You will witness multiple improvements along with the aforementioned addition of new and useful features. Thus, it is sure to make your task much pleasant and easier than before!

To list, the features included are:

  1. Match Alert Improved for WPDATING THEME and LAVISH DATE THEME
  2. Match Alert efficient
  3. PHP version compatibility check added
  4. Reset Password Email template
  5. Credits update after purchase
  6. Paypal redirects back to thank you page after purchase
  7. Meet Me css improved
  8. Edit profile and edit partner profile css improved in ipad View
  9. Removed deprecated function get_currentuserinfo() for WordPress Version 4.5
  10. Translation issues in backend – In Matches, In Memberships -> Features
  11. Remove hardcoded language of prev next navigation button
  12. Meet Me Widget

So, if you have already purchased this theme, feel free to request the download link by entering your PayPal email used to purchase it on this page: www.wpdating.com/support/updates.

If you want to check these themes and plugins, here is the demo site:



If you want to purchase these themes, just click the link:




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