From being quoted 1.5 years for development to standing as the top competitor within a year

By Updated on: December 21st, 2023Success Story
KinksMeet Testimonial Success Story

Absolutely! Our platform is going to be huge; we know it, and so do our partners. Our site's success would not be possible without you and the WPDating team.

Miachael Clark & Allison ClarkFounders of KinksMeet

Michael and Allison Clark from KinksMeet shared their story about how they dreamed about owning a dating business and turned that into reality.

Michael and Allison were looking for a dating site with unique features for their users, but other providers gave them an 18-month timetable for completing their website.

On exploring with a quick Google search, they found out about WP Dating, and that’s how they ended up working with us, and we were able to complete their project as per the requirements in just about 6 weeks.

“We have actually acquired partnerships with two companies, Noonlight and Checkr, which is HUGE!! Both companies are extremely excited about our platform and love our site, and think it is beautiful.” – Miachael Clark

KinksMeet is getting a good number of new visitors and users daily without spending a penny on marketing the site. Michael and Allison have got Kinksmeet to collaborate with 2 companies while others turned them down, stating that KinksMeet is a direct competitor to their platform.

“ has refused to work with us for any advertising or campaigns as the direct response from their marketing team was, “We’re unable to work with you for advertisements as we view your site as direct competition to our platform.” That is great news, I think? Thank you again so much.” – Miachael Clark

According to the research done by the founders of KinksMeet, ⅓ of the entire population of the United States fits under the niche market they are targeting, and they are expediting the users of KinksMeet to grow exponentially in the coming days. Allison and Miachael are working hard to ensure that the users get the full advantage of something not offered anywhere else.

“Our research suggests that in the US alone, 1/3 of the population fits into the category of our platform’s niche. We’re working hard to ensure that our user growth is organic and real and allowing our members to take full advantage of something that is just not offered anywhere else and unlike anything else.” – Miachael Clark

We at WP Dating thank you so much for the kind words; it means a lot to us. We’re constantly working to improve our product and provide the best possible experience for our users. We’re so happy to have been a part of your success story, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for you.

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