WP Dating is a globally recognized dating industry. WP Dating offers WordPress based Dating plugin and theme that helps our customers to create a fully functional dating site for their business. We are glad to deliver our customer a perfect product that meets their demand for creating a dating site. We are also pleased to provide our customer best pre-sales support which helps them to decide the product they are seeking is best for them and their business. We also offer our customer free life-time support and upgrade services, we help them in each step of building-up their site. We have over thousands of customers who have build their success with our dating plugin and templates. We are really proud for our customer and their success.

These days, a brand is determined more by the customer reviews i.e. the level of satisfaction that customer receives from the brand and the product. We are thankful to have such great customers who has provided their positive feedback towards our product and business and has helped us to grow our business market.

We believe that customers are our real assets and always focus on our customer demand. We highly appreciate our customer feedback and take their suggestion into consideration.

We believe in quality and customer satisfaction is our motto. We offer the best to our valued customers.

We value our customer time and budget. We offer the best deal to our customers. Our customers do not have to go through any retailer unlike any other online dating companies. Mostly in the online market we see that the owners enrolls agents to increase/ boost up their sales and the customers had to go through online agents which will cost them double the price of the product, in such case the customers also has to pay retailer commission which is added to the price. By such fraudulent activities, the customer will be bound to pay more money than the actual value of the product.

We do not include any retailer commission in our product which helps our customers to get the best deal from us.

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