What is your support timing?

Our support is available from Monday to Friday – 9 AM to 5 PM. ( GMT + 5:45 )

How can I log in or register to WP Dating?

You can go to the Support Menu → Members Area. You can log in to our member’s area or register for a new account.

Can I use your plugin for multiple websites?

According to our company’s policy, one license can be used for one website only. To use multiple sites, you need a Multi-Site License. The sites should be under your ownership.

Where can I use the plugin if I have purchased the multi-site license?

If you have purchased the multisite license, you are only eligible to use the plugin on sites you own. You can use plugins on as many sites as you own, but they should be under your ownership. Also, the multi-site license is not a WP multi-site enabled license. This plugin is supported in a single WordPress installation.

Where can I get the license key for my copy of the plugin?

When you purchase the plugin or request the new version from our updates page, you will be sent an email with the download link along with the license key for the plugin in the same email. If you do not find the email in your inbox, please check your spam/junk folder.

What are your terms of service?

You can find our terms of service at this link.

I am ready to purchase; what payment options do you offer?

We accept Paypal, Visa, Maestro, and ideal (with targetpay.nl) payment options.

What is your refund policy?

Since our products are intangible, all sales are final. You must go through the features and demos to ensure that this product is what you are looking for. The demo and the product you are buying are the same.

We are ready to refund the full payment made if our mentioned feature does not work for your site or in case we are unable to resolve the issue encountered with our plugin. You can claim your refund within ten days from the purchase date.
 *Please make sure you must have submitted the plugin issue to our technical team to claim a refund. In case you have not submitted a ticket regarding an issue you encounter with the plugin, we will not be able to process your refund request.*

What if I find a bug in the plugin?

If there is a system bug, we will fix that and release it as a new version. You should report it to our support team by sending a detailed description of the site issue to support@wpdating.com or through the customer support ticket, and we will provide you with a quick solution.

However, not every error or feature malfunction appears to be a system bug. Sometimes that appears to be due to incorrect admin panel settings.

We recommend you look through the Admin Panel manual and browse the documentation and tutorials before concluding that the error you faced is a system bug.

Which hosting services do you recommend?

We recommend Bluehost and Siteground.

WordPress.com hosting service should not be used as the websites made with WordPress.org CMS regularly face issues with that hosting service. 

What browsers does Dating Plugin support?

The browsers supported by Dating plugins are Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari.

Does WP Dating Plugin support BuddyPress?

No, the WP Dating plugin does not support BuddyPress. The WP Dating plugin has its userbase, so it is not compatible with BuddyPress.

Does the plugin support WordPress Multi-site network

No, the WPDating plugin does not support the Multi-site network feature. You cannot create multiple websites from a single WordPress installation for the WP Dating plugin.

Does the plugin support multi-languages

Yes, now you can connect with your global audience in their native languages. We have now integrated the translate plugin, which helps you to translate the site using PO files with SEO-friendly links. Languages are translated based on Google Translate.

Does the Dating Plugin include RTL support and WPML compatibility? 

Yes, the plugin supports WPML, but currently, it does not have an option for Right-to-left language preference. We are testing this compatibility and hope to integrate the RTL with our plugin soon.

Does the Dating Plugin offer a Video Chat option to the members?

We recommend AtomChat Service for adding text chat and video calls to your Dating Site; you can purchase the AtomChat Service from AtomChat Store and install it for the text and video chat option.
However, please note that you will need the AtomChat add-on worth $19 from our Add-on Store to integrate the chat services with Membership plans.

About Atom Chat Add-On for WP Dating:

Atom Chat Services lets you integrate text messaging and video chat to your Dating Site. CometChat is a chat software for websites and works cross-platform on web, desktop, mobile, and cloud.

You can integrate messaging service from the Atom Chat with the Membership Plans using the AtomChat add-on worth $19 from our Add-on Store.

Which package do I purchase if I want the WP Dating Theme and the Dating Plugin? 

To get WP Dating Plugin and Dating Theme, you can purchase any of the four packages that pack WP Dating Plugin with unique and elegant Dating themes and other services per the package.

The package ranges from $149 to $999. You can select the best package as per your need to get the dating plugin and theme for your website.

When should I purchase the Mobile Apps Source Code?

These source codes are the same ones we used in our demo here. If you want to customize the functionality of the Android & PWA apps with your unique features, then you can purchase the Mobile Apps Source Codes.

If you are not a developer, you will need the help of one to make customizations in the mobile apps. These apps are developed using Java for Android native apps and react Native technology for PWA, so your developer needs to be familiar with this technology.

Why choose the Apps personalization package?

With the App Personalization Package, you can give your Dating App a personal touch and make it unique to stand out in the Dating Market.

With the purchase of this service worth $799 or a VIP package worth $999 only, we will personalize the Android native and PWA for IOS with your own site’s name and logo.

Your user can search the app under your site name and download the app from the play store, whereas for the IOS PWA, you will need to share the links on your site as we have added to our demo So that your users can log in with the credentials and can enjoy the app feature. 
After the first year, we charge $99 for updating the app. 

How long does it take to deliver the apps if I purchase Dating Apps Personalization Services?

It takes 2-3 weeks to deliver the Android and PWA apps, but the allocated time will be 5 weeks.

Do you help to submit my apps to the Play Store?

Yes!  We’ll need your account details to sign up for a developer account at Google Play for the Android app, and we’ll do all the work for you, including the PWA app setup.

Do you guarantee my apps will be accepted by the App Stores?

Apple and Google are constantly tightening their regulations towards the original content in their stores. If Apple or Google decide that your app is not unique or original enough, or they have too many similar themed apps in their stores, they will reject your app.
That is why we have developed the PWA Lovematch app that can be used on both devices.
We guarantee the tinder clone native app to get approved by the App stores because it comes with the development hours and adds your unique feature to the app.

What happens if my app is rejected by either or both App Stores?

We will do our best to appeal the decision until your apps are accepted or we receive a definite unappealable rejection. For the tinder clone app, we will introduce significant changes to the app code, design, and features.

Which devices can be used with the WP Dating mobile apps?

WP Dating Mobile Apps are developed exclusively for iOS and Android devices. Operation on other devices, including tablets, is not guaranteed.

How do I download the plugin and premium themes?

You can visit the Support Menu -> Member Area if you have purchased the dating plugin. From there, you can Download plugins and premium themes.

If you haven’t purchased the WP Dating, you can visit the Pricing Section of WP Dating’s site.

What is the difference between WP Dating Plugin and WP Dating Theme?

WP Dating Plugin provides all the functional aspects of your Dating Site. It provides the Dating Niche-Specific Features like Advanced Search and Matching system, Meet Me, Near Me, Real-time chat, and so on.
WP Dating Plugin provides all the functional aspects of your Dating Site. It provides the Dating Niche-Specific Features like the Advance Search and Matching system, Meet Me, Near Me, Real-time chat, and so on.

The WP Dating Themes integrate with the WP Dating Plugin and enhance the looks and appeal of your Dating Site. It makes the functionality of the plugin appealing and easy to use for users.

Please compare these 7 sites that are using the WordPress Dating Plugin:

Dating Club – Premium Dating Theme with Modern and Sleek Design

Secret Lover – Perfect theme for Extramarital Websites

Nikaah – Premium Muslim Matrimonial Theme

Relish Dating – Dating Theme with best-in-class design and functionality

WP Matrimony– Best Matrimonial Theme for Indian and Asian Matrimonial Websites

WP Dating – Feature-Packed Dating Theme with elegant design.  

Love Match – Dating Theme with the flexibility of adding numerous widgets

All the 7 themes are specifically developed to be used with and enhance the plugin’s features.

Please note that to activate all of the above 7 premium themes, you will need to activate the WPDating Plugin first.

Is Plugin Installation, Setup, and Testing provided by WP Dating?

Yes, we do provide Installation, Setup, and Testing services.
We offer One Time Free Plugin Installation Service worth $79 on all of the packages except the Standard Package.
Most people won’t need this service as every plugin we sell comes with plenty of documentation, but sometimes people just want us to install it for them.
If you purchase the standard package and want installation, we have provided the Installation Service Add-on to upload and install the plugin on your server when you provide us with the access details.

Does the WP Dating Support Team provide custom services?

Yes, the expert team of developers from WP Dating will definitely assist you with the Custom requirements. We will make custom changes to our plugin and themes as per your need.

Custom Dating Software Package allows you to add your preferable Features & Functions to the dating software. Depending on your package, you will receive certain hours of pure custom development from our experienced developers. You can use this hour to add the Unique Features, Payment gateway & Personalize it to your wishes.

What are the requirements of WP Dating Plugin Installation?

The basic shared hosting plan from Bluehost can be used to install the WP Dating Plugin.

However, we recommend you to have a VPS server with an unlimited number of files uploaded as you will have a vast user base in time. Also, we recommend you use the Apache server.

After purchasing the plugin, you can access documentation where you will find how to use and install the plugin.

Which package includes the Dating App?

VIP + APPS package includes the General WP Dating App under the WP Dating name. Your user can download the app from the Google Play store, use PWA for iOS devices, and use their login credentials to sync with your site.

What are 500/1,000 Dating Profiles and Profiles Installation Service?

The 500 and 1,000 profiles are the randomly generated dummy dating profiles that help kickstart your site; the messages received by those dummy users can be replied to from the admin panel.

Using these profiles to pre-fill your site is to attract new members to your dating site as your site looks busy. The Profiles installation service includes the setup of these profiles on your site.

Can I get only a few demo profiles and profiles with custom gender, location, or other details?

As the profiles are a single bundle, we will not be able to break them down and provide you only a few profiles or profiles specific to gender,  location, or such.

However, if you need demo profiles with custom requirements, we can utilize our developers under the custom development package.

Can I create demo profiles on my site by myself?

Yes, you can create demo profiles using Profile Generator using the DSP Admin Tool. 

Profile Generator will create demo profiles based on the user data provided in the CSV file that should be uploaded to the generator folder on the database.

I have purchased the Installation Service; why are the profiles not installed on my site?

With the Installation Service add-on, we provide the installation of the plugin in your site to make it like our demo sites. We do not install the 500/1,000 profiles on your site with this add-on. 

I have purchased the WP Dating Theme only. Can you install it if I purchase the Installation Service?

As the WP Dating Theme is specifically developed to be installed with the dating plugin, we cannot install this theme only on your site. If you want us to install the WP Dating Theme, you need to have purchased the Dating Plugin and the Installation Service.

Plugin Configuration

We can do the basic configuration and setup of the plugin.

* Please note that this does not include any 3rd party integration.

Plugin Customization

Yes, the expert team of developers from WP Dating will definitely assist you with the Custom requirements. We will make custom changes to our plugin as per your need.

Custom Dating Package for WP Dating Plugin allows you to add your preferable Features & Functions to the dating website.

Plugin Testing

You can perform basic testing to ensure the plugin works fine on your server (e.g., do a test transaction if installing the WP eStore plugin).

For more services regarding plugin installation and add-ons, please visit here.