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You can create beautiful and interactive dating websites without needing to write a single code. WPDating themes’ beautiful aesthetics along with WPDating plugin’s powerful functionalities will attract people to join your site and they will get hooked to your website for hours.

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Relish Dating theme in Mac

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Relish Dating Theme is integrated with Elementor builder. You can easily build your extraordinary dating website with the drag and drop feature along with fully customized dating elements available with Relish Dating Theme.


Drag and drop elements
A whole new and convenient way to build your unique dating website with Drag and drop elements.

Customizable pages with Elementor builder
Customize each and every page of your website with Elementor builder, which is integrated with Relish Dating Theme.

Sleek design
Give your dating website a premium look with modern dating features and sleek design.

User-friendly dashboard
Users can easily access and manage every feature and settings without complicating things.

Lovematch Theme in Mac

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LoveMatch is the perfect dating theme for any WordPress based site with the flexibility of adding numerous widgets that you can use to personalize as per your needs.


Splendid user experience
LoveMatch theme offers everything from sending messages, sharing audio and video to even a dating tracker that keeps track of the people a member has dated.

View popular and trending profiles
Your members can see who has viewed their profile, the profiles they have viewed, and trending profiles of popular members.

Minimalistic Interface
LoveMatch theme has been created with a minimalistic design but with complete content to provide detailed information.

Easy navigation
Your members can easily navigate your website because the theme is complemented by helpful graphics with few texts.

Wordpress Dating Theme in Mac

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WP dating theme is the complete front-end solution that helps you to create a fully-functional dating site. Its appealing and informative design helps you to create the best and attractive dating sites in the market.


Quick Search
On the home page, your users can find your match based on your interests with Quick Search. A simple feature that will surely be appreciated by your users

Minimalistic Design
WPDating theme has been built keeping a golden rule in mind -” Less is more.” It’s simple yet elegant.

Easy Navigation
Your users don’t have to go and search for the hidden features in the nooks and corners of your website. With an easy and simple design, your new users can use your dating intuitively.

Drop-down Profile edit
Everybody prefers easiness. Your users can fill in their details on their profile from drop-down menus that you provide to them.

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Dating Club theme’s beautiful aesthetics will attract people to join your site and they will get hooked to your website for hours.


Design Compatible with Woocommerce plugin
Our Dating-Club theme is built with a design that is compatible with Woocommerce plugin. You can sell your products by integrating Woocommerce plugin.

Design Compatible with Event Management Plugin
You can publish and organize different events on your website with the Dating-Club theme by integrating the Event Management Plugin.

Share Status with Multimedia
Dating Club Theme allows your users to share a personal status with the help of multimedia such as audio, videos, and photos.

Centralized Dashboard Setting
Your users can access everything from the dashboard and edit every granular setting from the Dashboard without needing to go and search anywhere else.

Username: userdemo
Password: password

Lavish Date has a beautiful user interface with auto-sliding banners. Along with the powerful features, your users will get an experience they’re unlikely to get anywhere else.


Auto-Sliding Banner
You can put beautiful images along with personalized taglines on auto-slider to showcase your dating website.

Optimized for SEO
Lavish Date Dating Theme provides space for your optimized content, you have the chances for better SEO results.

Happy Stories
You can list happy stories from your users on the home page that will highly impress your new visitors.

Excerpts of popular members
Thumbnails of Featured and New members’ profiles will impress the visitors who visit your site with a purpose. The existing users too will be enthused to have their profiles displayed on featured members.

Why WordPress Dating themes by WPDating?


Your users can use your website in their preferred language.

100% Customizable

Change the design as per your unique imagination.


Your website is accessible on all mobile devices.

Excellent Support

You’ll get all the help and answers you need in a very quick time.

Regular Updates

Continuous Updates will keep improving your dating website.


You’ll easily find answers to your questions in our extensive documentation of the theme.

Make money from your dating service

Advertising and Affiliate Networks

Increase your odds of success with affiliates by displaying deals from businesses relevant to the dating industry.

Google Adsense

Smartly place advertisements and make your dating website a source.


Digital Gifts

Allow users to purchase gifts with digital credits and send gifts.

Paid membership /VIP membership

You can monetize your website by allowing users to pay for membership or offer two or more tiers of membership.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which package do I purchase if I want the WP Dating Theme and the Dating Plugin only?

If you want the plugin and WP Dating Theme only, you can purchase the Standard Value Add Pack or if you purchase the Platinum Multi-license Package, you will get the WP Dating Theme with the WordPress Dating Plugin Complete Package.

Can I use my themes from WPDating with other dating software?

WPDating premium themes are specifically designed for WPDating Plugin. So, our dating themes might not perform best when used in other wordpress dating software.

Do I have to purchase all of the themes even after I purchase WPDating plugin?

WP Dating theme is included in the standard package which costs $149. With all the other packages – Platinum, multilicense, and VIP, you will get all of our dating themes for free.

Can I install the theme easily?

Yes, we have easy documentation and tutorial, with which you can simply install the theme just like our demo website.

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