WP Dating Text Chat Add-on


WP Dating Chat add-on is an interactive chat add-on that enables your users to chat with one another on any device. Your users will also be able to send emojis, and images through our Chat add-on.

This is a one-time investment that provides you tremendous value for a lifetime at just $99.

WP Dating chat add-on is an alternative for Cometchat where you have to pay a minimum of $49.0 per month for 10,000 users just for the text-chat feature.

Our Chat add-on with a clear, simple but attractive, and user-oriented UI design will surely impress both you and your users.

Price: $99

WPDating Chat Add-on

How our Chat add-on appears on desktop


How our Chat add-on appears on mobile


Not just the UI design looks fantastic, it performs fantastic too.

WP Dating Chat Add-on special features:

  • Instant message text chat.
  • Users can also share emojis and images.
  • Integrated with Firebase so the chats are delivered quicker and load on the web server is reduced.

Special notice related to Safari browser

  • The Safari browser does not support Firebase. So, clients who want to use WP Dating text chat add-on on Safari browser as well, will have to use socket-based chat Add-on. 
  • Socket-based Chat Add-on uses the client’s web server, and needs root access to the server.

Coming soon to WP Dating Chat add-on

  • Video and voice call features.