Admin Message Reply Add-on

Admin & Operator Chat Panel Add-on is an indispensable tool for any newly launched dating website.

This add-on allows the admin to view and reply to messages exchanged between users on the dating website.

When you install our Admin & Operator Chat Panel Add-on on your website, admins can create operators through the admin panel, who can interact and indulge on behalf of the users with the visitors and convert them to your dedicated users.

Price: $299.00 


  • Admins can create multiple operators who can chat with visitors on behalf of other users.
  • The chats received by fake users will be listed in Queue so that the operators can reply to the messages one by one.
  • The bulk messaging function will enable the admin to reach all users simultaneously with any announcements or messages.
  • Simple and effective chat interface to chat with multiple users simultaneously.

Why do you need an Admin & Operator Chat Panel Add-on?

When you start a dating website, you don’t immediately have a big user base. Encouraging visitors to stick to your dating website in that delicate situation becomes tricky.

Users come to your dating website to chat and meet somebody; if they find a website with nobody to chat with, they will not stay longer.

That’s where the admin replies add-on becomes an indispensable tool for any new dating website.

The more users your visitor can chat with, the more likely your dating website will succeed.

How does our Admin & Operator Chat Panel Add-on appear?

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Price: $299.00