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Among different chat software available on the internet we have found AtomChat to be the best chat solution for our customers. We’ve worked with various chat software through our valuable client projects and found that AtomChat is the best-suited chat software for your WordPress-based projects. We have also tested our plugin and its version with AtomChat and we do not find any issue with this chat software. We highly recommend AtomChat to our valuable clients and our website visitors.  

AtomChat is a chat software for websites and works cross-platform on web, desktop, mobile, and cloud. AtomChat integrates with well-known content management systems like WordPress, BuddyPress, Drupal and etc. AtomChat is loaded along with a horde of excellent features that will improve your website’s interactivity immediately and will help you keep your users glued to your website for hours. This chat software will assist you in creating an amazing experience with your users/visitors. AtomChat will inform your users whilst their friends or other users are online and allows them to chat with each other. 

AtomChat is the leading chat solution for your site which will help you grow your customer base exponentially, drastically increase the time spent by users, and add hundreds of new features in a matter of minutes! AtomChat seamlessly integrates with your site. Your users will automatically be logged into AtomChat the instant they log in to your site. AtomChat will show users’ friends in the Who’s Online list as well as integrate with user profiles and avatars.

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…now allow your users to chat with their loved ones with more features and fun…

Different languages

AtomChat is available in 9 different languages. It magically translates the chat messages into the local language.

Desktop Chat Messenger

AtomChat White-labelled Desktop Messenger enables your users to chat from their Win & Mac desktops.

Chat APIs

AtomChat Javascript and PHP APIs make it easy to manage each and every aspect of chat.

Chat Rooms

AtomChat allows your users to create a buzz and gather in a single place using chatrooms. They can create public, password protected and invitation-only chatrooms

Share Files

AtomChat allows the user to send files to other users using file transfer facility.


Built-to-scale, AtomChat adds minimal server load, with AtomService and Intelligent caching.

WHY AtomChat? 

 The Chat Bar

  • Instant Notification
  • Unlimited Chat conversation
  • Auto-linking and word censoring
  • Intuitive chat designs
  • Desktop Notifications
  • Smileys and Emojis
  • Quick Search for user list 
  • Sent, Delivered, Read receipt


Seamless Integration 

  • Users Profile
  • Automatic Login
  • No Pressure
  • Friends list synchronization
  • Custom site integration
  • User Avatar
  • Synergy Themes
  • Ready Integrations


  • Chat Rooms
  • Games
  • Change Themes
  • Conversation Translation
  • Announcements
  • Broadcast Messages
  • Scroll to top option
  • Available in 9 languages

Style & Control

  • Css Based
  • 100s Settings
  • Drag and drop
  • Right-to-left Support
  • Built-in Themes
  • UTF-8 Internationalization
  • Statistics, Monitor & Logs                      and many more…

 Share voice,
video, text and desktop

Collaborate on
documents and share

Magically translate
chat message into
local langauage

Express emotions with
emojis and awesome

Keep users in-the-
know with

Engage with hundreds
of high quality HTML 5