Dating Plugin Update 4.6.9 Released

We have released version 4.6.9 of the WordPress Dating Plugin. This version of the dating software contains fixes to the PayPal Pro and PayPal Advanced. The issue was PayPal changed a parameter so we needed to update that setting and that fix is now in version 4.6.9 which you can download from the Updates page.

Also included in this version is a fix for the single character currency symbol. Previous versions only allowed for one character, now this version allows for 3 which will accommodate all currency symbols.

We have also added a membership status feature to this version of the dating software for WordPress. Now when your members log in to the dating site, they can see on the home page their membership status. They will see “Standard Member” or “Premium Member”. When you roll your mouse over the word “Premium Member”, it will tell you how many days left of Premium Membership you have.

We’ve also made some tweeks to the language admin as well. There were a few language text stragglers that were not in the database. We have gone through to make sure all the language for the user side is in the language admin area.

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