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Welcome to WP Dating, the easy and convenient solution provider for WordPress-based Dating Sites. Have you considered the possibility of creating a successful business while enjoying every effort you put to start it? If yes, your options definitely included starting a unique dating website using a WordPress Dating Plugin. Then do check out our DEMO, you’ll be delighted by the features and the beautiful themes we offer you for starting up your brand new dating website.


 Can it get better than this?

What do you need when you are starting an online dating portal? A few thoughts maybe

  1. Get the domain name and hosting for your site
  2. Grab the WordPress Dating Script & your preferred WP Theme
  3. Installation of the script to get your dating site ready
  4. Timely Support to manage the site effectively

With our WordPress Dating Plugin, you will find more admin features than any other dating solution.

Offer plenty of features – Enjoy ample options
 Just for a one-time cost, starting from $149!

Some of the Admin Features

  • Allow Unlimited Dating Profiles in Your Site
  • Use the dating Profile Generator to Create Profiles
  • Create a Variety of Custom Membership Plans
  • Use Your Preferred Payment Gateways
  • Discount Code Generation
  • More: Geo-location, Gender addition, limit age for registration, option to authorize profiles/photos/videos/audios or let them authorize automatically, log in through Facebook, Google Recaptcha to control spam registrations, and a lot of such features.

Features that your members will enjoy

  • Send/Receive Emails
  • Send Virtual Gifts
  • Send Flirt Messages
  • Engage in One on One chat
  • Upload Photo/Audio/Videos
  • Add as Friends or Favorites
  • Keep a track of Date using Date Tracker
  • Check our Demo Site for More

Grab the amazing WP Dating Plugin to start your Dating Website today!
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A glimpse of Frequently Asked Questions

Subscription basis or Recurring Payment to WP Dating – No!
Requires payment to get updates – No!
Hidden costs for the script – No!
Link back to the script provider – No!
Any encrypted codes – No!
Restriction on Customization of the script– No!
More of the FAQs

WP Dating a Real Winner!

You excel at delivering on your promises. Thank you for all of
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you when you are moving forward in this business.

Chaplain Oscar Smith- USA

Now that you have all this information about starting a dating site with the WordPress Dating Plugin, if you make any delay in starting your own dating site using this, you are simply letting your competition get ahead of you alongside pushing your financial dreams away from turning into reality. So, without wasting any time,

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Why WordPress Platform for a Dating Site?

As the community of WordPress is growing every day, the options provided by this platform may not be found in other frameworks or content management systems. WordPress has quantifiable active communities globally, who contribute in features related to improving appearances or functionalities so your dating site can be the reflection of your imagination on reality screen.

Using WordPress removes the unnecessary hassle of coding if you don’t want to go into that. You can just install the plugins for functionalities and install the themes for appearance. Thinking about changing the layout – it’s as simple as drag and drop of the widgets to different widget positions.

Flexibility and Security with WordPress Platform

We understand that you may have some concerns about the information stored on your dating site, don’t worry it’s safe on the WordPress Platform. It’s only the misinformation and lack of knowledge that kills your business – sometimes it’s your wrong attitude too, we admit that. But if you update your platform and the plugins, add-ons, or others that you have installed on your site, you can keep your data and transactions all safe. There are different contributions from the WordPress community for making your security tighter, and we share that news to you if you are using our WordPress dating script for your dating site.

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