WordPress Matrimonial Plugin

Planning to start a matrimonial website?

WPDating provides a readymade plugin that will help you create a beautiful matrimonial website in a short period of time. All it requires is to install this package in your WordPress based site and you will be able to create a matrimonial website fast and easy.

Why you should start Matrimonial website

According to Brand Equity, online matrimony platform business is set to cross $20 billion in 2020.

  • The year-on-year growth rate for matrimonial services is rapid, and it’s more than dating service.
  • High unsaturated market
  • High & growing Internet usage
  • Times are changing and the matrimonial users are exponentially growing.
  • Modern females want to marry the partners they are compatible with, and they are eager to try matrimonial services.

The Best Matrimonial Plugin

In recent years, we’ve seen both the matrimonial website and users rapidly increase in the space of a few years.

If you are planning to create a matrimonial website, that’s a very wise decision.

Time is money. The sooner you start your website, the better chances that you are likely to succeed.

You don’t need to have the fortune to create your matrimonial website. WPDating plugin has a very affordable price that is rich with powerful features.

WPDating can help you set-up your own matrimonial website that has a beautiful design and is rich with powerful features within a short period of time.


Benefits of matrimonial plugin

  • User-friendly script for both user and admin
  • More appealing website, more subscribers, and thus more income
  • Easy customization
  • One-time payment
  • Multiple language support
  • Requires less time to configure
  • Mobile responsive
  • Mobile apps

Features you will get with our Matrimonial plugin

User features


Users can search for other members of your matrimonial site. Search by distance, zip codes (US, Canada, UK, Australia, France, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark), cities, and countries.

save search


Anytime you create a search, you can save it as a name and come back to it for quicker searches of previously saved searches.

Meet me

When a user creates a profile, this feature will extract the information and uses a high-level algorithm to match a perfect partner for the user. This will show the user a series of other users in their profile, all they need to do is accept or reject.



Show people who are online now on the main page of your matchmaking website. This will attract attention and prompt visitors to create an account to be introduced to these people.

Near Me

Near Me feature shows users profiles of members that are near them geographically using Google geo-targeting and the users’ IP address.

Near Me Feature

Status Update

Users can now add their Status Update to their profile. Once approved it will be displayed on their profile for others to see.

Admin features


In the admin area, you can set up your own profile questions. Setup drop-down questions or text box questions. All drop-down questions become dynamically available in the advanced search.

Manual Profile Approval

If you want to manually approve all profiles, photos, galleries, audio and video, then you can set it to Manual Approve in the admin area.


Now you can grant Premium Membership to anyone. Simply search for a user and extend their membership for any number of days. You can also cancel someone’s Premium Membership.


With the Geography Editor, you can isolate your dating site to a specific location by removing all the other Countries, States, Cities or keep them all. It’s up to you.


Now you can create Custom Memberships to allow access to certain features. There is no limit on the number of Custom Memberships you can create.



Send Mass Emails to all your members from the Admin Area via the Newsletter Plugin. This is an optional free plugin.

What you will get with WPDating Matrimonial Plugin

Match Making

WPDating’s advanced algorithm matches the perfect person based on the criteria defined by the user. User has full control over  the type of match he is recommended from age, distance, interests to everything.

Available in multiple languages

Offer your users to communicate in their native language. WPDating plugin supports 22 languages -Hindi, English, Spanish, French, and many more.

Enjoy the software for life

With the Standard package starting at just $149, you can own the software for life and get life-time free upgrades.

Access to 1,000 user profiles 

Nobody uses a dating website with no users. Our 500 dating profiles fill your dating website will help you entice new users to get you started right away.

Responsive Team and Excellent Support

Highly professional, friendly, and responsive Team want nothing other than your success. They will provide you with any kind of support that you need.

Reach people on their phone

The mobile is within our arm’s reach at all times. Our android app and PWA let you draw in android and iOS users to your matrimonial website.

Make a unique website as you desire! 

Discuss your requirements with us and get a free quote on your custom project.

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