Top features of the Best WordPress Dating Theme

Qualities of the Best WordPress Dating Theme

So you decided to own a dating website? That’s great. With WordPress? Even better.

The look and feel of your dating website always come first when attracting your potential members. Then the ease in usability and attractive features work together to keep your members coming back for more. So, while selecting a theme for your website, always make sure that your theme includes these options and they match along with the interest of your users.

1. Layout & Form Positions

Dating websites are definitely visually driven. Right objects like registration forms, public profiles of existing members, success stories, etc., at the right places, will prove valuable to increase business on your website. Furthermore, a glimpse of dating-specific features like flirt, message, date request, and such on the homepage is also effective to increase the number of members. A good WordPress dating theme gets attention and eases the user with its layout of features without becoming intrusive.

2. Language Options

If you are selecting between two themes; one with multiple language options and the other with just the English language, definitely go for the first one unless your niche is of native English speakers. A dating website is more appealing to users if they are in their own native language because they feel connected to it.

3. Customization options

The magic of the best WordPress Dating Theme is that you can customize the colour combination of your dating website easily. Your targeted niche can help you with the colour scheme. A good WordPress dating theme provides an easy customization option – you can change colour combinations, drag and drop elements, and change the layout yourself easily.

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4. Availability of Child theme

If you don’t have a child theme, any changes in design made to that theme are lost when the theme is updated because a whole new set of files is downloaded and replaces the old files. However, a child theme allows you to update the version of the parent theme without affecting the customization you did on your website. You can make any customization on the child theme because it overrides the parent theme without making any direct changes to the parent theme. That’s why you should get a theme that has a child theme.

5. Theme and Plugin compatibility

To get the best of the features provided by the dating plugin, the theme should be compatible with the plugin.

If the theme is not compatible with the plugin, your website can face several issues related to display, layout or content loading.

You have to be sure that themes were developed to the WordPress coding standards.

6. Mobile-Responsive Design

The number of users of mobile devices is ever-increasing. If the users have to pinch and zoom the screen to navigate around the Page, they are unlikely to use the website.

In Mobile responsive design, the layout and content automatically match the size of the screen of the devices of the visitors, ensuring a better user experience.

It will also help you in your visibility on search engines because of the websites with a mobile-responsive design rank above the websites without responsive design.

If the theme you are considering is not mobile-responsive, you should never adopt it.

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