Dating Plugin Version 4.8.3 Released. Many updates including responsive template!

By Updated on: April 25th, 2018Dating Software

For the past two months our team has been working non-stop to complete the biggest release since we acquired WP in July. Every module has been reviewed and improved. Under this post you can find the complete change log, which contains more then 50 updates.

Of course this version of the Dating Plugin is fully compatible with WordPress 4.0.

We appreciate all the feedback and suggestions we received the last months to improve the dating plugin. One of the most frequently asked questions was the call for a responsive dating theme.

We took this suggestion as one of the key features and have been giving all the 7 dating templates a complete makeover including full responsiveness. All these templates are per default shipped with the 4.8.3 upgrade. All the themes can be previewed on


Besides the revised theme’s we are about to launch a new independent theme within the next few weeks. A preview can be found here:

In case you have questions about how to upgrade from your current version our support team will be glad to help you out through the forums. And in case you would like us to preform the upgrade have a look at the ‘upgrade offer’ in the ‘add-on’ menu.

More to come
The feature list for release 4.8.4 is nearly finalized so expect more to come in the next few months.
Of course we’re always open for feedback and suggestions. We’d love to hear from you!

with kind regards,

DSP support team


== Changelog ==
= 4.8.3 =

* Modified 7 home page templates
* Added few language code for hard coded texts
* Added start year of dropdown on the backend
* Added indexes in the tables for better performance
* Fixed search pagination
* Removed unwanted code from many place – WIP
* Fixed the problem of album not getting deleted
* Removed get_pageid() function and replaced this function as it was conflicting with other themes
* Fixed the bug of private photo getting displayed in the match alert email
* Registration now pre filled with values on error
* Changed the new member section on member page showing latest 8 members
* Fixed the values like 4’8″ not getting accepted in height
* Fixed the date format of paid membership in membership page
* Fixed the online table of users so it will not have duplicate user id values
* Changed – Near me functions now take the ip of the current login area
* Removed all the short tag of php and replaced with <?php tag
* Removed all the mail() function of php with wp_email() function
* Fixed Blocked member won’t be able to view profile
* Fixed the problem of double profile being shown
* Fixed deprecated code of the theme and plugin
* Removed Matchninja from the marketing tab as that feature is not supported by anymore
* Fixed profiles questions in the backend now work properly on multi language
* Fixed member pages showing you’re premium member although date is over
* Fixed Force profile now won’t let
* Changed New member on member page now showing latest 14 members instead of registered within last 14 days
* Fixed the problem of stealth mode in chat
* Added the support of new api of 123 web messenger from
* Fixed the link of member on the report profile email to admin
* Added support for japanese and chinese language
* Fixed JavaScript error on the chat page
* Fixed the ordering of city and state in the dropdown of newly added cities and states
* Fixed the bug of language switch



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