LoveLock- Dating app designed for Mobile Platform

By Updated on: March 22nd, 2021Dating Software

Guess what our next product will be?  I would like to take the privilege to break the HUGE  suspense what our team is working on…

After the enormous success of the  LoveMatch theme now is the time for an announcement of most anticipated product “LoveLock”.  A new dating app that our WPDating team is working extremely hard to make it available soon.

LoveLock a new product from WPDating that helps you to run your dating business on the mobile platform. Will be available soon for both iOS and Android…

This will fulfill the need and demand for standalone dating app as requested by our valued customer. This will boost their mobile dating business with no doubt.

LoveLock will be a standalone White Label Solution app. This has no link to any WPDating plugin i.e. it works completely in an isolation from that.

And the next best part is…

To the customers who are running dating website using WPDating plugin and theme. Later on, you can integrate LoveLock to your dating website too and take advantage of this rich and lively dating app particularly developed for the mobile platform.

So, if you want to focus on only mobile dating business then this will be the best product for you so far.

With all the popular features i.e location-based matchmaking, Swiping to accept or reject, simple and informative design and lots more will win your heart for sure.

In case you want a dating website as well as the mobile platform then we have our previous mobile apps to meet your needs.

Stay connected with us for more news about new mobile dating app, purposefully designed and developed for mobile dating platform.

Soon to be released….




  • Ned says:

    Will lovelock replace the app sourcode for android and ios? Or is this a different product to the source code that I already purchased?

  • Kiran K says:

    Hello Ned,
    No, it will not replace the current source code. This is the different product. Stay in touch for more information.

  • chris fulton says:

    Guy’s, any news on the release date? I’m keen to launch my site soon and want the app ready to go

  • Raghab - DatingSolutions Support says:

    Hello Chris,

    Our developers are working at full speed on it, we cant be sure but everything goes with the plan then the projected release will be on end of February or first week of March. We will contact you as soon as it gets released.

    Thank You

  • Pat R says:

    How much do you charge if I wanna bring minor modifications to the app? Thanks

  • Raghab - DatingSolutions Support says:

    Hello Pat,

    Thank you for your comments,
    You have been contacted in your email by our team for your requirements so that we can help you to choose packages


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