Dating App versus Dating Browser

By Updated on: March 29th, 2021WordPress Dating Plugin

We’ve had a few questions lately about the difference between the Mobile Dating Browser and the up and coming Mobile Dating App. Below we’ll explain the difference.

The Mobile Dating Browser is a stripped down version of the dating plugin. It has the bare minimum of features. When turned on via the admin area, your mobile visitors are redirected to the mobile dating browser and will see this. By default is off so you will need to go to DSP Admin, Settings and turn it on. The mobile dating browser works on all iPhone and Android mobile phones. The mobile dating browser is already included in the WordPress Dating Plugin.

Mobile Dating Browser

The Mobile Dating App is a completely separate product. The mobile dating app is a application that we are developing that will allow your users to download the app from the iTunes Store or Android Play Market. Once downloaded they simply launch the app on their phone and connect to your dating site. The mobile dating app is a full featured mobile dating application. We have put all the features of the WordPress Dating Plugin into the mobile dating app. With the mobile dating app, users will be able to do everything that desktop users do and that includes searching, chatting, emailing and more. The mobile dating app is not included in the WordPress Dating Plugin. It will be a separate product.

Mobile Dating App


Be sure to pre-order the Mobile Dating App today and take advantage of the special pricing offer.

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