Dating Plugin Update 4.7

By Published on: September 17, 2013WordPress Dating Plugin

We have just released an update to the WordPress Dating Plugin 4.7. This is a maintenance and feature update. We have replaced the way the Add Language works. No longer will you need to import a csv file. Once you update to the new 4.7 and run the upgrade tool, you’ll find that the language admin has been changed so that when you add another language you can simply edit/translate the new language on the screen. You don’t need to download the file. This was done due to the fact that some customers were not able to edit the file in Excel. So, it’s all done in the admin area.

If you already have a new language imported then you’ll find that adding new text to it is easier than ever. Simply click the new language tab that you have in Language Admin and search and replace what you want. It’s really that easy now.

Also in this update we have changed where the Virtual Gifts were stored. We had them stored in the dating plugin but when you update to the next release the Virtual Gifts would have to be put back in. So, we changed the location of the Virtual Gifts and put them in a new folder /wp-content/uploads/dsp_media/gifts. You will need to create the folder “gifts” under your “dsp_media” folder and give it the 777 permission. Then all your Virtual Gifts will be there when you upgrade to the next release.

Existing customers can download the latest update to 4.7 on the Updates Page. Also, if you have version 4.7 then be sure to read the Updates page notes about running the modify file.

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