Monthly versus Lifetime Membership

By Published on: December 7, 2013WordPress Dating Plugin

Monthly Membership ver Lifetime MembershipIn order to successfully make money with a dating site you need to charge membership fees. That’s if you’re going the paid membership route. There are a few things you need to know going forward.

The first thing is the member lifespan. On average, a dating site member will be on a dating site for about 3 months. So, during those 3 months you want to make as much money from that member as possible. It might sound a little harsh but the reality is that you’re starting a dating site to make money. After 3 months most members move on to other sites or just give up or they find someone. How much you make off that user is based on your membership fees.

The first membership that most people are used to is the Monthly Membership. This is a set price that a user will pay each month. On average, most dating sites charge between $19 and $30 dollars a month for members to access things like email, chat, messenger and so on. After 3 months, the average user is gone. So if you charge $25 dollars a month, you’ve made about $75 dollars. This is where the Lifetime Membership comes in.

By creating a Lifetime Membership, you can charge more, get more and give your customers a little more bang for their buck. So, if you charge $149 dollars for a Lifetime Membership, you’ve made more money off the member and you give your members the warm fuzzies. A good tactic is to define your Lifetime Membership as such. “We all know sometimes things don’t work out. When it doesn’t, we’ll be here for you.” By having that type of verbiage with your Lifetime Membership you let your customers know that you got their back.

Now of course you don’t have to create Lifetime Memberships. You can create what you like and the WordPress Dating Plugin gives you these options. Options to create any type of membership you want.

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