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By Updated on: March 29th, 2021WordPress Dating Plugin

We get a lot of questions about why our design is the way it is. The answer is quite simple. When you design a plugin you need to design it so that it works with all WordPress Themes. If you don’t have a standard design then it will look funny with all the different themes. So, you need to create it in a way that works for them all. That is why we designed the WordPress Dating Plugin the way we did. With dynamic widths so that it fits page sizes and CSS-styled tabs so that it accommodates all themes. Sure you can get a dating theme but it’s not unique and most of our customers have their own WordPress Theme that they want to use the WordPress Dating Plugin with. Not to mention all of the dating features we’ve put into the plugin. Be sure to read our post about Dating Plugin versus Dating Theme.

Thhttps://www.wpdating.com/wordpress-dating-plugin-2/dating-plugin-vs-dating-theme/e WordPress Dating Plugin Design is done with CSS and not tables. This way you can control all the aspects of the dating plugin via the stylesheet without going through all the files changing things. If you don’t like the square tabs then you can change those via the stylesheet and use rounded corners. It’s really up to you how you want it to display.


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  • splendiddatro says:

    Chose plugin over theme every time. Love the new chat you have in 4.7. Now if I could just get to the top of Google I would be set! 🙂

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