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Dating Site MarketingNow that you have your Dating Software and you’ve got your Dating Site installed and working, you need to do Dating Site Marketing but by reading this you might want to find out more about getting your new Dating Site to the top of Google. Keep reading…

First off, having the WordPress Dating Plugin is a great start. We all know WordPress is the number one free SEO tool on the Internet and now that you have the WordPress Dating Software, you’re well on you way to getting to the top but, you can’t just install a Dating Site and think that it’s going to get to the top of Google for your keywords. It’s a little bit of work but guess what? You can do it and it’s not as hard as you think.

First you have to know what market you’re going after. For this example I’m going to use the keyword “Christian Dating”. Say you want to start a new Christian Dating Site in your city. You’re going to want to come up on the first page of Google results for your main keyword of “Christian Dating”. Sure that’s a competitive keyword but there is nothing keeping you from dominating the top results of Google with your dating site for that keyword but remember, it’s not just about that one keyword. You want other keywords ranking in the top results too. Those are called “Long Tail Keywords” and an example of a Long Tail Keyword would be “Dallas Christian Dating”. Any more than two keywords and it’s going to be a Long Tail Keyword and those keywords are less competitive and easier to get to the top.

The goal here is to have numerous dating site related keywords ranking well and even though a Long Tail Keyword might only bring in a few visitors per day, it’s all the keywords combined that will give you your overall visitor traffic. So, in short, the more two word and three word keywords you have, the more traffic you’re going to have overall. Remember, it’s the big picture so if you have, say, 20 keyword combinations doing well then you’ll have great traffic to your Dating Site.

When you purchase our WordPress Dating Software you get the WordPress Marketing Guide for free that will explain how to get your new Dating Site to the top of Google and as always, contact us for any questions.

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