How to select a WordPress theme for your dating website?

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If you’re just starting a dating website on a specific niche using WordPress, we welcome to the goldmine. Before anything else, we want to take some of the big names in this industry that once stood where you stand now., Plenty of Fish, OkCupid, eHarmony and a few others probably started just like you. After a lot of hardship, research, implementation and modifications on features and appearances, they now have countless stories to tell. On the appearance aspect, your dating website theme plays a key role in attracting member to join your site.
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So, to help you avoid the bumps while running your dating website, here we present you some of the ideas to work on the visual and performance aspects. And since you’re on WordPress, it’s easy for you to just select any of the premiums or free themes and get your site started quickly. But first, do you know these facts about free and premium dating sites themes?

Difference between Free & Premium Dating Website Themes for WordPress

Free ThemesPremium Themes
Code quality may be lowMostly experienced developer to code
Less FunctionalityMore Features
Is or likely to be discontinued in near futureIs highly unlikely to be discontinued
WordPress Default theme customizersUser friendly theme customizer options
Lower support response ratesDeveloper supported supports
Performance issues probablyNo performance issues or Quickly solved
Less or insufficient featuresMore or overloaded features
Probably poorly documentedWell documented with probably video tutorials
Security vulnerabilitiesRegular updates make it more secure

Now about the components that you will need to have on the homepage of you dating site:

Login/Registration Function:

Obviously you want to increase the members of your dating site and will want to have their information listed under their profile page. For this, you need to allow your users to register, login and logout on your site.

Without having prominent login/register functionality on your homepage and other pages, you may be losing the number of registrations. If this type of display cannot be set in your dating site, we strongly recommend you to refuse using this type of theme for your dating website.

Create attraction through Existing Users:

Visiting a dating site is always with a purpose – to find a possible match. If your dating site can present the visitors with their possible match at the first look, you are bound to succeed in this business.

Your dating site theme should showcase the excerpt of popular members’ profile along with their high-quality images. It may be a possibility that you don’t want to link the profiles and in such case, you can use the images of popular members and write down some text for that.

A snap view of dating site features:

Many times, dating sites like to include one or other type of game-like-features such as like or dislike, send a gift card, flirtatious texts and others.

If you have activated these features too in your dating site, the theme that you are using should allow to quickly displaying them at your homepage or within a few clicks. This gives your first time visitors to play around a bit and jump into the decision to grab the free or premium registration.

Color combinations of different elements:

When talking about the visual appeal, it is never an option to leave out the color aspect. Though it is highly recommended to maintain your site within 2-3 colors, you cannot control the different colorful images uploaded by your member. Keep thoughts on that and try to use the colors that can go along with all of those and also abut the colors that you use on your logo.

If WordPress dating theme you are using doesn’t provide easy options to manage colors through theme customizer or such features, you will be having a hard time jumping into the style.css or other files for coding.

Adding some text is helpful:

Yes, we know that you will add pages like about us or dating rules and such, but are you sure that your first time visitor will move on to those pages? It is imperative that you utilize some real estate of your homepage itself to boast about benefits of your site a bit.

Your dating site theme may provide you the option to add text widgets to hold your important information or that may be already included in the homepage template. And if you are not allowed to add text through your theme, it’s better you switch to some other themes.

Theme and Plugin compatibility:

If the theme is not compatible with the plugin, your website can face several issues related to display, layout or content-loading.

You have to be sure that themes were developed to the WordPress coding standards.  Sometimes, the themes will not simply match the plugin because they were built for specific purposes. 

That’s why WPDating Team developed tailor-made themes that complement our powerful plugin.

Mobile-Responsive Design:

The users in mobile devices are ever-increasing. If the users have to pinch and zoom the screen to navigate around the Page, they are unlikely to use the website. 

In Mobile responsive design, the layout and content automatically match to the size of the screen of the devices of the visitors, ensuring a better user experience.

It will also help you in your visibility on search engines because the websites with a mobile-responsive design rank above the websites without responsive design.

If the theme you are considering is not mobile-responsive, you should never adopt it.

Now, if you are re-considering about which theme to use for your new dating site, you can check out our premium themes too.


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