How to install WP Dating Plugin

How to install WP Dating Plugin

 IMPORTANT: Make sure that you have set your WordPress Permalinks to Day and Name or Month and Name by going to Settings, Permalinks. You also want to make sure the PHP version is 5.4.11 or higher and MySQL is 5.5.30 or higher.

1. By reading this you probably have unzipped to your computer and have 6 zip files. – Dating Plugin – DS Sidebar Login Plugin – The default theme you see on the demo – US, UK, Australia, Canada, French, Danish and Dutch Zip Codes(Optional) – Firebase Instant Chat Plugin(Optional)

2. Go to WP Admin, then go to Plugins and then Add Plugin. Then click on Upload and browse for the file and install it and activate it. In some cases, the activation of the dating plugin will create the Members page for you and put the shortcode on it. So check your Pages once you activate the dating plugin.

If you have BuddyPress then you already have a Members page so just create the page you want to put the dating on and put the shortcode below on it. Whatever page you put the below code on will show the dating site.

[include filepath=”profile_header.php”]

3. The dating plugin will attempt to create the below folders. This is where all user media is stored. If it doesn’t create them, then you’ll need to FTP to your file structure and create the directories and give them permission 777. Some hosting companies only allow 755, so that’s fine too. You should already have /wp-content/uploads/ already created.


4. Navigate to /wp-content/plugins/dsp_dating/ and make the “files” and “flags” folders have permission 777.

5. There are two optional plugins you can install if you want.

6. If you are going to use the DSP Login Plugin then go to WP Admin, Settings, DSP Login and copy the below code to the Logged In Links area but change the below to your domain.

If you’re going to make the Members page the main page of your site then be sure to remove /members/ from the below code. If you have a page that is not called Members then just replace it with your page name.

Remove the two URL’s that are in the text box. Those are there by default.

Also, in the DSP Login Settings, uncheck the “Show Logged In Avatar”.

Also, you will want to put your Login Redirect and Logout Redirect URL’s in the box. Most people put as their Login Redirect and as their Logout Redirect. It’s up to you.

7. If you want to use the Quick Search Widget, then go to Appearance, Widgets and drag the Quick Search Widget to the Sidebar. I would put the Quick Search Widget under the DSP Login Widget. There’s a new Online Members Widget as well as a DSP Browse Widget. You can use them if you want.

8. The dating plugin now comes with US, UK, Australia, Canada, French, Danish and Dutch Zip Codes. The files are too large to put into the dating plugin so you’ll need to unzip to your computer and upload the two zip code files to your database in the dsp_zipcodes table.

9. If you’re going to use the Firebase Instant Chat, you can install it following our documentation.

10. Go to DSP Admin, Settings, General and make sure you set the Refresh Rate. If you’re on a shared server or a VPS, don’t set the Refresh Rate below 10. That will cause the site to run slow. If you have a dedicated server then you can set the Refresh Rate to around 3. The Refresh Rate is how often the group chat, one on one chat and sidebar widget chat refreshes.

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