Stripe Discount

  • Go to your Dashboard and click DSP Admin>DSP Stripe
  • Tick on stripe  discount  checkbox
  • Save the changes made

Now create a discount code

  • Go to DSP Admin>Discount Codes
  • fill in the necessary details i.e Name, Description, Code, Type and Status
  • Leave the Amount field empty

Again create a new coupon on stripe dashboard

  • Go to stripe Dashboard>Billing>Coupons
  • click  + New button in the top right corner 

  • Enter the details required as shown in below picture and click create a  coupon. 

  • After coupon is created it will be shown just like in the below picture

Now go to Members> Settings>Upgrade Account

  • click pay with stripe button 

  • Enter the discount code that you have created and click submit and proceed to next step

  • Now you will see the discounted price below