Installing 500 Profiles

500 profile installation procedure

First of all, download the profile package (SQL Files) named from our store Please, use your purchase email to download the package. Then, download the users image file name userphotos500.tar from the link

Before uploading the SQL files, check the prefix of your WordPress site. The default prefix is wp_. You can check the prefix by searching for the wp-config.php file in your site directory. Search for ‘$table_prefix’ to get the prefix of your database.
Image showing table prefix.


If the “table prefix” is the same as our default prefix ‘wp_’ no need to perform this step. Else, change the prefix in the SQL files with your site’s table prefix.

Note: Some of the SQL files need changes in multiple places. If you are using a code/text editor program that supports the ‘Find and Replace feature, you can simply find all the locations of the table prefix, wp_ and replace all with your table prefix.
Image showing changing the table prefix


Now, upload those SQL files to your Database (mainly PhpMyAdmin).
Note: Import files to their respective tables in your database.

Now download the photos file from and upload the tar folder of user image “userphotos500.tar” to the site location at /wp-content/uploads/dsp_media and extract the file.
500 profiles have been successfully installed on your site.

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