Socket based WP Dating-Instant Chat Add-ons Installation

Wpdating-Instant chat add-ons:

Congratulations! Now you can use Wpdating-Instant Chat on your dating site using WPDating Plugin! To set-up the Wpdating-Instant Chat add-on, please go through this manual.

First Install the Wpdating-Instant chat add-ons on your site and then go through the following procedure as mentioned below :

Step 1: Go to the footer.php of the themes and paste the code:
if (is_user_logged_in() && is_plugin_active(‘wpdating-instant-chat/wpdating-instant-chat.php’)){

Step 2: Setup the proxy on your server.
In order to set up a proxy, go through the following procedures as mentioned below:
1. Go to the direction /etc/apache2/conf/ and open the file using the command: nano httpd.conf. And if you are using Getportable server open the file using command: nano /usr/local/directadmin/data/users/{client_name}/httpd.conf
2. If you are using apache server:
Copy the code: ProxyPass /wss ws://{{site_url}}:8010 for eg: ProxyPass /wss ws://
and paste into the file httpd.conf.
Paste code
At last run the command: sudo service httpd restart

Step 3: Install Supervisor
Run the command sudo apt-get install supervisor

Step 4: Configure the supervisor.
Run the below-mentioned command.
cd /etc/supervisor.d
sudo nano username.socket-worker.ini
Once the username.socket-worker.ini file is open, paste the below mentioned code:
[program:username.socket-worker] process_name=%(program_name)s_%(process_num)02d
command=php {{path_to_wordpress_site_folder}}/wp-content/plugins/wpdating-instant-chat/includes/server/index.php
autostart =true

Step 5: Run the supervisor
To run the supervisor please run the below-mentioned command:
sudo systemctl stop supervisord
sudo systemctl start supervisord

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