How to Edit the po and mo file using POEditor

Now you can easily edit the translation of you po & mo file by following these simple steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Download POEditor for your own operating system and install it ( you can download it from: )

Step 2: Open the software POEdit

Step 3: Go to File and Click on Open and choose the language file to edit.

Example in windows OS:


Step 4: Choose Po Translation Files (*.po) option.

poedit2 Step 5: Choose the language file you have bought and Click on open.

Step 7: Now, you can change the respective language texts as per your need

  • Click on the text which needs to be changed.
  • Write the translated text into the Translation box as shown in the below example.



Step 8: Finally, save the file that will generate both the .po and .mo files which can be used as language file for your WP Dating site.

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