Comet-Chat Installation procedure

Comet-Chat Installation procedure

  1. Purchase the comet chat package and download the comet chat with WordPress integration from the
  2. Purchase the WPDating Comet Chat Add-On to integrate it into your site with WPDating plugin. If you have already purchased, move to number 3.
  3. Now you will receive a file with the name Extract the zip file, then you will have two files named (This comes in a package you purchased from, please note this is not a file to be used. You need to use our add-on instead of this file) and
  4. Now, go to the plugin section in your WP Dashboard and Add the new plugin our add-on which you purchased from cometchat 4
  5. Following the step 4, this will create a CometChat option on the Dashboard. Click on the CometChat option in the dashboardClick “Choose File” and choose and click Install Now.

Note : You need to have the WPDating plugin activated for this. cometchat 2 6

Note:  If you face problem while uploading ‘’ file, please unzip the ‘’ that has  been provided in the package. Place the ‘cometchat’ folder in the wordpress root directory and execute ‘cometchat/install.php’ from “ http://<path_to_wordpress>/cometch at/install.php”.   

6. Once you receive “CometChat has been successfully installed!” message, and Installation is Completed!

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