WP Dating Klarna Payment Gateway Configuration

WP Dating Klarna Payment Addon is the payment plugin by Digital Product Labs. It is a payment plugin built using Klarna Checkout APIs. (https://docs.klarna.com/api/checkout/)

Configuration Process


  1. Klarna Account.
  2. If you don’t have one, you can create one by going to this link (https://www.klarna.com/):
  3. Select the desired region while creating the account
  4. Klarna API credentials. Follow https://docs.klarna.com/platform-solutions/adobe-commerce/adobe-commerce-23x-243/generate-api-credentials/
  5. Go to the Settings app in the Merchant Portal. There, you can generate new Klarna API credentials by clicking on “Generate new API credentials”
  6. Enable checkout agreement in Klarna account. Request the Klarna’s support for this procedure.
  7. Input all the details in the Klarna setting form provided by the addon in WPDating Admin > WPDating Klarna

Order Listing

  • You can find the orders tab on the Klarna page, where all the orders are listed.
  • You can perform the search using the username

Test mode

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