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By Updated on: September 20th, 2012Dating Software

LinkedIn Dating SoftwareIn keeping with my recent posts about Social Media SEO, this post is about setting up a LinkedIn Company Brand Page for your new or existing dating site. If you have a LinkedIn profile then all you need to do is login and click on Company and simply add your new dating site as a company branded page.

If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile then you better set one up as soon as possible. It only takes a minute and it’s the only way you can setup a company branded page for your dating site.

Having a LinkedIn dating site branded page will help in your Social SEO methods. It’s no surprise that Google is looking more and more at social media and using social media in its results. The more social media SEO you do, the better your search results will be.

Not only will it help your organic results but it’ll help promote your dating site by making connections to people that might be in the industry. You want to be connected to as many people as possible so that you can brand your dating site out there. Here’s are Dating Software Company Page.

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