WordPress Dating Plugin 4.8.2

new version

We’ve just released WordPress Dating Plugin version 4.8.2 . This release contains bug fixes and code enhancements reported from previous releases 4.8 and 4.8.1.

You might have noticed that privacy settings were not saved for user in front end. Which is fixed in this release amongst other issues.

Furthermore, now the Dating plugin is fully compatible with WP SMTP plugin for those users whose hosting doesn’t support sendmail and have to depend upon Smtp to send the email. We’ve also fixed the problem of email address showing inconsistently on different email. Now it always displays the email address from WP Admin -> Settings -> General.

We’ve also fixed the problem of the terms and conditions checkbox which was getting displayed on the home page templates. Even though it was turned off in the backend. The problem of arrow on lightbox which was not working on the album of user photos, is also fixed in this release.There was a bug on displaying the expiration date of members which is also fixed in this release.

These fixes plus a few others have been included in the WordPress Dating Plugin version 4.8.2, which is now available for download via the Updates and Download page here at WP Dating.com.

We’re already working on the next version which includes major feature like Facebook Login and other tweaks.


  • parship says:

    Where is the promised new responsive theme in 4.8.2 ?

  • Ned says:

    Please make sure the emember plugin once again works with your dating plugin. Since version 4.8 I have not been able to use the two plugins together. Emember has lots of advantages and I want to be able to use it instead of your dsplogin.

  • DatingSolutions admin says:

    Hi there,

    the new responsive theme is well underway and will be launched in a few weeks. It’s design is finalized and we’re converting it currently into a theme. It’s not said to be included in release 4.8.2 but it will be compatible with this version.

  • DatingSolutions admin says:

    Thanks for the feedback, we will have a look at it and incorporate it’s compatibility once again with 4.8.3.

  • globalelove says:


    Where there changes made to the 123webmessenger, dsp-login, peters-login-redirect? Do I need to install all those as well? Please let me know.

    Thank you.

  • DatingSolutions admin says:

    No there were no updates to these compartments.


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